1. BillM-RC

    Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X 4K 3-4S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone review

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts X-UFO 85X Cinewhoop review. This Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X 4K 3-4S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone With Supra F4 FC OSD 12A Esc Caddx Tarsier Cam DVR BNF review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, binding, betaflight settings, Caddx Tarsier FPV OSD & 4K camera...
  2. S


    I AM AT MY WIT'S END! I have been trying to make my first tinywhoop(though I have successfully made several 5in racers) work for 4 months now and i am just at a loss for words. No matter what I change, it never has enough power to get more than 3 inches off the ground at full throttle. Here...
  3. S

    Brushed FC won't see motors or use accelorometer!

    Hey, Sven here, and I'm stumped. I'm using a Betafpv flight controller, and in Betaflight, the accelerometer isn't functioning. Also, when I go into the Motor tab and raise the "Master" slider, but none of the motor bars or motors move. I am so confused, please help!
  4. C Ray Tech

    BetaFPV Beta65s

    Take a look at this little speed demon. I haven't been able to put this micro down since I got it. It's nice and snappy with the 716 brushed motors. I have been flying with 260mah LiHV batteries and have been getting around 4-5 minutes of flight time. Here are the full specs Wheelbase...
  5. C Ray Tech

    What are you flying these days

    Since I received my Eachine E011 I havent been able to find a better whoop. With SilverXXX firmware there is no stopping this thing. I never flew Acro before and I'm on day 7 and I cant look back. So what are ya'll flying?