1. S

    1 year PID? problem

    Hello, I have never made a post before since I have always been able to find my answer lurking and viewing other peoples problems but this one is stumping me so that is why I am posting. I had a 5 inch quad and then sold it and then built a 7 inch. The problems began about a year ago where my 7...
  2. flyboyfpv

    Diatone Mamba F722 - Part 2 PID Tuning

    Here is my second part to my Diatone Mamba. For some reason it wobbled from take-off. I was able to fix most of it, unfortunately it was a windy day. I may need a part 3. In the video, you will see that I ran into a problem but was able to fix it. sometimes, you can never predict what the...
  3. E

    Drone randomly over flips when rolling

    Hey guys/girls, first post here. Recently built an Elf X2 with the HGLRC all-in-one flight contorller. flies great but whenever I do a roll, whenever i come out of it, it will randomly pitch forward a bit or over roll. I can only assume that this is something wrong with the PIDs (D value may...
  4. raymon kroeze

    How to tune your quad | PID's explained

    In this video i am talking about PID's and how to tune your quad!
  5. Proxxii

    Naze32 Correcting the opposite way.

    So I've got a new build I just finished putting together. The Title kind of says it all. When the copter is tilted in a direction it wants to correct back to level, but it is correcting in the way it was tilted. I don't think its over correcting, it's just correcting the wrong way. Example...