1. Shuff

    Cheerson CX20 revamp.

    All, A cx20 (zero) which has some issues after a crash, has come into my posession. I am trying to find out if the Cheerson esc units are compatible with a Naze 32 FC. Currently the craft just beeps when powered on and the GPS plug is not connected as I don't know which way round it plugs in...
  2. S

    UAVFutures 99 Build-Bricked FC

    Hello, Doing my first build. started the uavfutures 99 build from last year. i somehow managed to brick the naze 32 fc. i did some research and it seems i need to download the flash loader which i did and for some reason when i go to the ports pull down there is not ports listed? not sure what...
  3. S

    Naze32 won't connect to receiver.

    Hi all, my Naze32 has been acting up lately. I am trying to connect it to my fsi6 receiver and transmitter via pwm, but on cleanflight I don't see any differences in the channels when i move my sticks on the remote. I don't know if this is an issue, but the flight controller is Spektrum...
  4. J

    How to do the wiring of my new drone

    Hi, I have a naze32 flight controller connected to a raspberry pi with USB. The raspberry pi is sending/receiving data to/from naze32. The raspberry is connected to LiPo battery and the usb is enough to power the flight controller. On the other hand I have 4 OPTO ESC. connected to the flight...
  5. I

    Quadcopter shaking instead of flying

    Hello, i just finished building my first quadcopter and was very excited to test it out. first i tried it on the ground i calibrated everything i could and gave it some throttle, instead of all 4 rotors spinning, the first one started to spin i gave a little bit more throttle and then the second...
  6. DuaneM

    I finally did it! (450mm Quad build)

    I finally got all the parts from China and around the USA to put the little hot rod together! I started out using a Naze32 Full REV6 but that turned out to be a big hassle trying to upgrade it with GPS and an autopilot. So I got a NAZA-M Lite on ebay for dirt cheap. It has everything I needed...
  7. J

    PLEASE HELP! ARM switch not responding... not showing green in Cleanflight *SOLVED*

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and relatively new to building quadcopters. I just put together my first quad, not from a kit but with miscellaneous compatible parts and modifications. Everything has gone smoothly up until this point, and all of my connections are solid. However, I...
  8. D

    How to Connect Naze32 Acro to a PWM Receiver

    I have the Naze32 Acro Rev6 and a receiver that doesn't support any type of CPPM, only PWM. I also have servo leads (if they are needed). I can't seem to find how I can connect the 2 together. All of the tutorials seem to use CPPM. So, how can I connect my Naze32 Acro Rev6 to a PWM receiver?
  9. Proxxii

    Naze32 Help Please! (PLEEEEEEASE)

    So I went to fly yesterday, prior everything worked like a charm. Noticed my controls were acting a bit odd on first battery but i brushed it off as user error. When I plugged in my second battery the Naze32 gave me the 3 blink indicator that it connected to my transmitter and then continues to...
  10. T

    Arduino and Naze32 Quadcopter

    Some background information: I am currently trying to finish up a qaudcopter for school in a week or so and so far, i have my frame and controllers done and now i need to connect the ESC's and the flight controller. My cntroler is made from an arduino and some potentiometers with and Xbee shield...
  11. 1

    Betaflight 2.8.0-RC3 Always full throttle

    Hello everyone, I have installed betaflight 2.8.0-RC3 on my naze32 rev 6. I have disabled oneshot, and have set a switch to arm and airmode. My pid numbers have been transferred over from the last firmware. However, upon arming, the motors throttle up and the quad starts climbing. The...
  12. Proxxii

    Naze32 Correcting the opposite way.

    So I've got a new build I just finished putting together. The Title kind of says it all. When the copter is tilted in a direction it wants to correct back to level, but it is correcting in the way it was tilted. I don't think its over correcting, it's just correcting the wrong way. Example...
  13. Proxxii

    PID Loop Time???

    Title says just about says it all. I have litterally no idea what to do with these loop times..... Do they change for different ESCs? Do they change for flight board? Do they change for motors? Jesus please help x-x (Using cleanflight+Naze32 if that matters)
  14. M

    Turnigy 9x and reciever issues

    This is my first full quadcopter build and have been stuck on one problem for a while now. My basic setup is a naze32, emax escs and motors, frysky d4r2 reciever. And my Tx is a modified turnigy 9x with a frysky module. The motors run fine on the motor test and the turnigy and d4r2 bind...
  15. 1

    Betaflight with Airmode Grief

    Hello everyone, I have recently tried to get betaflight on my naze32 rev 6, because I wanted airmode on the quad. Upon getting the board sucessfully flashed, I armed the board, and tried to spin up the motors to no avail. The motors didn't make the startup sound, nor did they spin. I tried...