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  1. J

    First Build UAVFUTURES $200 build issues, please help!

    Hi, i have bought all the parts and configured my first Quad via UAVFUTURES' $200 guide (Upgraded version). Links found here: And I have been having some issues with getting my quad to successfully arm and respond to the throttle, with it being configured in Cleanflight, as by following the...
  2. C

    Help from uk

    Hello to all i have just bought a Xiaomi Mi drone 4k and everything seems perfect except that i cannot get live video and i cannot see where i am going I get the directional gps ok but no video i have tried 3 different smart phones and they are all the same My main question is what device or...
  3. H

    Finally chosen my components, are these all compatible?

    Hi everyone, I have finally chosen my parts, however i am not sure if they are compatible with each other. Is it possible if someone can clarify if they are all ok? i am also not so sure on calculating flight time... can somebody help me with that? I also need some help with setting up my osd...
  4. D

    KISS FC GUI I click connect but nothing happens

    Title. I connect the kiss fc to the computer via the mini-usb after first loading up KISS GUI, then it loads Com3 then I click connect but none of the tabs work and it might as well not be connected. Any help would be appreciated, can provide more details if needed.
  5. DuaneM

    DJI Naza Lite upgrade help?

    Hello all, I have been trying to do that old update for Naza Lite to Naza V2 and I keep coming up with this error message (see below). I have tried about 23 different fixes to get rid of that problem inside the Windows program. I think I came into the game too late and the fix was put in by...
  6. Shampoo1014

    Metal Screws, Standoffs and Bolts?

    Hi everyone, After finally getting my ESCs I am starting to put everything together for my first build. However, I did not receive enough nylon standoffs for the build. I am an IT Techie however and have motherboard metal standoffs, bolts and nuts coming from my ears and was wondering whether...