beginner quad

  1. Berkut

    $71.99 (vs $89.99 original price) UDI Quadcopter with HD Camera

    20% Off UDI RC U845 Quadcopter. Use this code 3XAPZ8DM when checkout. The UDI U845 is an excellent choice for first-time drone buyers and avid drone filmmakers alike. The quadcopter was mentioned in the December 2016 Best Tech section. Features: * HD WiFi Camera: Achieve real-time FPV by...
  2. G

    Good starter FPV micro quad

    Hello, I’m interested in trying FPV quad racing but I’m not ready to invest alot of time or money into it until I have tried it out first to make sure that I’m going to enjoy it. I have been looking for a cheap and easy to setup RTF micro quad to practice with. Below is a list of micro quads...