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    1s brushed smile maker

    Yup all to familiar with the waiting game... I have a couple air units and DJI digital goggles I haven't really used yet just because can't decide on parts for new build or gut some existing build of analog video bits
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    Epic Images from Grimsel Pass in Switzerland

    Wow really some amazing shots and locations! Thanks for sharing.
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    Weight and Battery Advice

    Hiya welcome to the forum! You mean a 1.8Ah battery? Also suggest checking out when building totally custom or partially custom stuff can be very useful to verify your prop size etc. is going to work out. Hard to guess what to change without running numbers there but from looking...
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    Emotion Mavic (Eachine E58) will turn on, but propellers won't start

    Yah super unlikely to be simultaneous failure it's just something with the receiver input or the flight controller almost definitely (control link related or otherwise software/firmware issue on flight controller it sounds like). Brushless motors last a very very long time any sort of brushed...
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    Emotion Mavic (Eachine E58) will turn on, but propellers won't start

    Hiya so no experience with that particular model. In general the toy grade quads will run off 1S or 2S battery a 1S battery is 1 lithium cell which has a max charged voltage of 4.2V and a minimum voltage usually at 3.0V but when pulling power from the battery the voltage dips so most pilots...
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    There are lots of options. If you have a pretty good computer can use kdenlive on Linux or windows movie maker if on windows I think there is one built into Mac os as well. Even the most basic video editor will allow you to replace the audio, with kdenlive or Adobe premiere or something else...
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    Drone behaving strangely ?

    Sorry kinda useless here :D I haven't used those PWM output receivers with an FC so honestly could not tell you clearly on that one either, in general I've got Spektrum or FrSky receivers that send all the control signals on a single wire (SBUS or otherwise). I have only used ones that output...
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    Anyone in SW Ireland

    Hey yah just noticed questions about turtle mode. Basically the FC needs to have firmware that supports it but think back to somewhere in the 3.x or any 4.x betaflight version will have "crash over flip mode" if you enable expert toggle and go to the modes tab I think. Only other requirement is...
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    Hubsan 501s minor problem.

    Pretty sure FAT32 is limited to 4GB file sizes unless using some extension on the base filesystem: no idea what a 1.3GB limit would be imposed by really could just be a corrupt SD card sometimes they are DOA or otherwise start to fail after too many...
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    Can you restore an FC to factory settings ??

    It appears the Naze32 Rev6 boards use a STM32F something chip so you could see about using a st-link to be an alternative way to connect to the chip if the normal USB connection or bootloader gets corrupted, with st-link and the st-link software you can get a connection to the chip through the...
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    Can you restore an FC to factory settings ??

    I'm not entirely an expert but maybe intermediate knowledge with programming embedded devices or MCUs, it sounds to me like the bootloader is having issues (there is usually a partition called the bootloader partition that is at the beginning of the flash memory the MCU starts up with and that...
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    Drone behaving strangely ?

    They both look pretty darn good from the mcu and imu perspectives but they both only list butterflight support which I'd be a little bit worried about (I expect they will get betaflight targets/configs setup eventually but would be good to find out if that's a thing yet or talk to support about...
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    Drone behaving strangely ?

    Newer versions of betaflight can use "bidirectional" d-shot if you have blheli32 ESCs and can flash them with newish firmware then it uses the one signal line from FC to ESC to both send throttle control and for the esc to report back real time rpm that it is achieving at a given moment. With...
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    Drone behaving strangely ?

    I think @Dugdog47 has more experience with cc3d on some modern stuff maybe but might want to wait for him to circle back around and give his 2 cents. Only CC3D librepilot stuff I ran was on my 3D printed frame (first "real" 5" quad) and was a wobbly mess too but I didn't know any better at the...
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    Drone behaving strangely ?

    Hey yup have seen it plenty of times when bench testing myself too (mostly with betaflight but same behavior) hence not too worried. Other thing is just use the right stick at first after arming no throttle at all and in angle mode in some short grass or propped up on a box or the like on the...