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    Pre-buying advice

    Yes, it has an OSD, I turn virtually all but the battery voltage and a couple other things off, I also have a Bfight 210 but I like the x215 better. I'm also building one little by little, but the price of the build is already topping $350. Unfortunately I lost an x215, ordered a replacement...
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    Pre-buying advice

    I have an I6, played with it for a bit before it heads to it's intended owner. The I6 is basic, but with the interface of the taranis and setup options and relative ease once you learn the basics, the taranis is miles beyond the I6 IMO. My original budget for a transmitter was in the I6...
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    Pre-buying advice

    I'd say spend a bit more on the transmitter. Personally I have a Taranis Plus but I'm considering getting a Q X7 as a spare lower profile radio.
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    Pre-buying advice

    I have myself an Furibee X215 Pro as a BNF, inexpensive, flies well. I have a set of Aomway Commander goggles, under $350 with diversity, CNHL batteries are good 4s batteries that can be had rather inexpensively and they take a...
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    Go find Your Drone

    Lost one of mine, probably a good half mile plus.
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    First build eventually

    The calipers measure my MR30 connector pins to be the same outer diameter of the 2mm banana plugs, plus they are protected against shorts.
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    First build eventually

    What size banana plugs would you recommend then? These are small connectors, anything smaller I would think would be too small for the diameter of the motor wires.
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    Hello I am new here

    Grand Canyon has helicopter tours, I was there for a few days on 2 different road trips about 2 weeks apart (upwards of 7000 miles of driving). Not a place I'd want to fly a drone as there would be a good chance of never seeing it again.
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    Advice on diagnosing a propellor/motor problem - Resolved (calibration)

    I have several toy drones, my most favorite is my JJRC H31, mainly because it's cheap and basically indestructible, perfect to learn on....
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    Identifying Front End Of Quad

    This is the pink I wear.....
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    First build eventually

    Got some connectors in the mail and got them soldered up, I hope to make the motors and other items simply plug and play. With the 40a esc and whatnot, I would imagine I could swap between motors from basic learning to some with good power. Also going to see if making the camera and VTX plug...
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    Ground Station build...

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    Ground Station build...

    Rebuilding my ground station to be more versatile. Primary antennas on diversity reciever, antennas on top painters pole 5 meters up, diversity reciever mounts to tripod. Case contains second basic reciever that can be set to another channel and is connected to secondary lcd input. Equipment...
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    Let's Try Food & Drink now!

    Double bite height loaded burgers, BBQ, fresh rolls/cheesy breads, baked potatoes, and lots and lots of water.
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    UAV Futures inspired $99 build

    I was looking at the UAV build, wanted to build one cheap but then starting thinking if I upgraded this I would like it better. Flight Controller and ESC, $95 Frame and PDB $115 VTX $35 Camera (not ordered yet) $50+ Reciever $25 Motors (for the moment) $30 So far I'm over $350 in costs. I'm...