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    Ovonic Memorial Day Sale: Buy 3 Get 1 Free for FPV Batteries

    Therefore, for the important Memorial Day, Ampow gives the best Memorial day sales 2019 and provides an Extreme Deal for RC hobby batteries. Good news for us Hobbyists! This activity will last 10 days from 27th May to 5th June. If you buy 3 packs of FPV batteries, you will get a free one.FPV...
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    What is Ovonic? An introduction for Ovonic Brand

    Ovonic, founded in 2017, aims to build a direct to customer online battery brand and to create an easier solution for newcomers to break into the RC world. Ovonic prides itself withthe best prices and multi-choice of batteries to power up all forms of RC’s from land to air. Company Mission...
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    Ovonic started their Australia shop

    Hello guys, do you buy lipo batteries from (ovonic official online shop) that can ship to US, CA, EU, and now they also can ship to Australia now at
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    How about size of your Quad

    micro quad? 210 or 250 fpv or much bigger. what's your size of the quad?
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    What's your Favorite Frame?

    which frame do you like the most?
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    What do you build today?

    just love this build, and batteries, moreover, I did a review about the Ovonic 1300mah 4s 80C lipo and this battery only $15 at now, check ampow.
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    which lipo is best for lizard 120? here is a comparsion

    Which battery weight is ideal for the Leader 120? We have tested the most common 2S and 3S lipos to find the ideal battery weight for the Leader 120, which allows you to fly as long, but also as agile as possible. Of course, the flight time depends on your personal flying style. In our tests we...
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    How to Find Lipo Battery for Quadcopter Drone

    Lithium polymer batteries, more commonly known as LiPo, have high energy density, high discharge rate and light weight which make them a great candidate or RC applications. By learning the basics about LiPo batteries, you will be able to read and understand their specifications. tattu...
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    Black Friday deals and coupons

    ovonic have a great sale on ampow, big discount or buy 2 get 1 free batteries, coupon: BF201810
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    Another build show

    ;););) what about your build?
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    Have a new build

    yes, that's truth.
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    new to fpv drone flying need help?????

    battery 1300- 1550 4s 70C-100C is fit e max hawk 5, you could check tattu or ovonic, I suggest the ovonic fpv lipo battery for you, as you are a beginner, ovonic may cost not too much for you. just about $15to find a 1300 4s 80c, great deal.
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    Another build show

    this build with Ovonic 1550 4s 100c, oh it's really a punch!! you'd better use 30A esc or greater with this battery. that's great FPV battery fly practice without cost lost.
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    Have a new build

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    Amazing battery

    @mozquito1 these are fine race packs at an amazing cost with cycle life in the 80 to 90 race quality cycles if you charge to 4.20 and discharge to a resting voltage of 3.65 to 3.7 with another 30 to 40 really good cycles after that... if you overcharge to 4.30 and discharge to 3.5ish resting...