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  1. T.C.
    Looking to start the drone hobby... again!
  2. Flying Robots Marketing
    Flying Robots Marketing
    Did anyone fly this past weekend. Share your cool videos here!
  3. 1nsan1ty
  4. mozquito1
    30mph winds :(
  5. mozquito1
    mozquito1 yay
    Lost interest, just another fad. Or did tavistock get to ya.? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  6. mozquito1
    Summer's nearly over :(
  7. Siya Liu
    Siya Liu
    LiDAR, LiDAR sensor for drones. Optical distance ranging sensor for Quadcopters. Skype: lymulanqf
  8. mozquito1
    Fly it, like you stole it.
  9. mozquito1
    0.4mm from the plate, wtf
  10. Ryota52
    The bodybuilding world has been taken by storm by legal steroids and Crazy Bulk in particular
  11. RC_Clay
    Hello all, I am looking to start building my 2nd build and need help deciding which motors to use. Can anyone help me figure this one out?
  12. mozquito1
    mozquito1 yay
    What do you know about tavistock.
    I said something
    And you commented
    Then I heard something today that made me shiver.
    So what is tavistock apart from a place in a south England.
  13. Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson
    Drones are used for various functions and might be of assistance on varied occasions.
  14. Mark Johnson
  15. jhnhalverson
    jhnhalverson Gyro Doctor
    I really liked you suggested upgrades to my falcon 250 pro. Yet it only I could get the durn thing to fly.
    How do I reset the accelerometer?
  16. Ibuymavic
    Been flying for 2 years. Own a Mavic, and formerly a Phantom 3 standard. Looking to spread the word about drones and their uses.
  17. crtleroy
    The Titanic was made by specialists - Noah's ark was made by an amateur
  18. crtleroy
    The Titanic was made by specialists
  19. Clifford Moore
    Clifford Moore
    Need help with quad set up.
  20. Grandpawmoses
    Yuneec Typhoon H