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  1. jarren
    i have a naze 32bit . but port 1 doesnt work wath did i do wrong and can i solve it
  2. CMEC
    Thinking about electric transportation & renewable energy.
  3. CMEC
    Designing of battery systems. Thinking about electric transportation & renewable energy.
  4. GJH105775
    GJH105775 newuser123
    I take it that this is your account for testing spam filters? It looked suspicious at first hahaha.
  5. 1nsan1ty
  6. hobbyant
  7. Doyouevendrone
    Doyouevendrone Jackson
  8. Doyouevendrone
    Doyouevendrone GJH105775
    1. GJH105775
      I'll take a look.
      Mar 16, 2017
  9. Wayne Bath
    Wayne Bath
    Harry flip it strikes again we bend em we mend em
  10. Joel martins
    Joel martins
    Need help with eachine 250, motor no answering after fc changed
  11. Joel martins
    Joel martins
    Need help with my eachine 250
  12. Nigel Short
  13. UbiBird
    Developing the site as we speak.
  14. Dou Pet
  15. Norm Morrison
    Norm Morrison
    Purchased Syma X8 a month ago. Cannot maintain altitude now. Push on the pitch and it descends, like it's out of power. Any ideas. Thx.
  16. ArmyVet
    Life is short......but very wide :-)
  17. 1nsan1ty
  18. JawadA
    JawadA GJH105775
    i have built my first quadcopter its a zmr250 and I'm now on the task of configuring my cc3d with librepilot I've been trying for several days however when i try to configure my esc's they beep forever I've asked unmanned tech shop what the problem may be and they said that my esc's have entered programming mode i would love to know how to fix this as i really need these to work for my school project.
  19. Elaine
    Located in Hong Kong,selling DJI drones,brand new with warranty
  20. 1nsan1ty