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  1. Silver Surfer
  2. Razor62
    Snake in the grass
  3. Beat Color
    Beat Color
  4. Maddog2019
  5. JerryMaze
    would you suggest me new ideas that you think that i can continue with my duties?
  6. JerryMaze
    hi it is my second post and i just wanna tell you guys that professionally i am a doctor but i wanna start my own business.
  7. MikeR
    MikeR RENOV8R

    Looking for a source from which to buy Nihui U807 replacement batteries, read that you had 4 35C 800mah batteries for it.
    May I ask you to please divulge the source?


  8. JerryMaze
    hi i am Jerry and i am new here and i am from Texas. professionally i am doctor.
  9. JackMerlin
    hi i am Jack and i am new here i love to know about more on technology thats why i joined this.
  10. Dave A
  11. Dave A
    Dave A
    I'm thinking about getting the Hubsan 109 pro. any thoughts would be helpful
  12. Dave A
    Dave A
    Does anyone know were i can get a part for my dji. Phantom 3 Standard controller part # p00994.04 Thank you
  13. Tagz
    Parrot Mambo
    I am tony lee, I do love drones, the future will belong to drones, let's fly together with drones!
  15. plasmatorus
    plasmatorus RcHexy1991

    I've recently come across your post about a power distribution board for a Tarot T960.
    We've got the same system you have and I was wondering if you'd managed to find a decent PDB after all. We've got the same frame, motors, and ESC's -- even the same FC. We're currently considering using a Tarot TL2996 High Current Distribution Board (google for link, I can't post links apparently).

    What are your thoughts?
  16. jrob4654
    Just tryin' to fly...
  17. Phantom3ProFlyer
    Hello All, New to the Forum! Having trouble uploading videos to FB and keeping them HD? They Look Blurry after upload!
  18. cnc61
    im having trouble playing back videos on my freedom two drone. its my second camera and im well within range. could anyone help me out.
  19. Torc the Sinister
    Torc the Sinister
    Finally in the ranks of the brushless!
  20. Cheapdronefan
    Cheap drone help