1. Raincast

    Comprehensive Drone TRAVEL Guide/Tips

    Hello fellow flyers! I just finished a light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling with your drone. I split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just to organize the content a bit better. Feel free to input your own advice so those who are looking to travel may...
  2. Raincast

    Travel With Drone Guide/Tips, Comprehensive

    Hi drone enthusiasts! I just made a short-ish light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling and shooting with your drone. I decided to split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight to make the content more readily digestable. Feel free to share your own tips and...
  3. raymon kroeze

    Best GoPro settings for FPV and Giveaway announcement VLOG 19

    Some people were asking me about my GoPro settings, so I decided to make a video about this. Also I'm announcing a giveaway!
  4. raymon kroeze

    Long range flying with 2.4ghz RC link | FPV freestyle | VLOG

    For a long time I am wondering how far i can fly with my current setup. Last week when I visited this amazing spot I decided to try this out. I ended up flying a couple of hundreds of meters away from my self! Check out the entire VLOG!
  5. raymon kroeze

    Testing the Avantquads Leggero S5 frame | VLOG #16

    Last week I received this awesome new frame in the mail!
  6. raymon kroeze

    I got lost in the forest VLOG 15 FPV freestyle

    Last week I went out to go searching for spot again.
  7. raymon kroeze

    How to fly smooth | FPV freestyle | VLOG

    I am getting a lot of questions related to smooth flying! So I made a video about it! Hope it helps some people a bit
  8. raymon kroeze

    How to start with FPV flying | VLOG

    Some people asked me how to start with FPV flying! I decided to make a short video about it!
  9. raymon kroeze

    This is how we find the most epic spots! VLOG 10

    We discovered a new way of travel haha. My buddy David is towing me with his electric skateboard! This way we travel a big distance in a short amount of time! Check out the VLOG for our adventure!
  10. raymon kroeze

    FPV freestyle VLOG 4

    Last sunday I went to this local park. I haven't been here for months, but man this park is fun to fly. Beautiful weather and a empty park. What else could I wish on a sunday evening. At the end my friend David showed up. I sure knows how to make an entrance LOL [VIDEO]
  11. raymon kroeze

    Testing Betaflight 3.2 | Dynamic notch | VLOG 3

    The first release candidate of Betaflight 3.2 has been released just over 2 weeks ago. After hearing so many good things about it, I decided to test it out myself!
  12. raymon kroeze

    The never ending search | VLOG 2

  13. raymon kroeze

    First VLOG || FPV freestyle

    Perfect summer days | FPV freestyle | VLOG #1 - This is the first VLOG I'v ever made. The last couple of weeks I was experimenting with this. But I think I will make more of these video's in the future. If you want to see more video's of me vlogging, let me know in the comments. Last week I met...