1. H

    UK drone pilots needed for 'drone experiences' research!

    Hi all, Just bought a drone? Already a professional? A drone enthusiast? Regardless, your help is needed! I am looking for drone/RPAS/UAV pilots and enthusiasts to be a part of research I am undertaking into drone flying practices in the UK. What are the aims of the project? I’m exploring...
  2. sailorsam

    'Maryland Drone Summit' announced "This event will bring together leaders from the recreational, educational and commercial sectors of the UAV industry. This is a rare opportunity for the public to engage with and learn from the area’s top drone pilots...
  3. L

    Seeking Business Partner (Las Vegas)

    Good Morning, Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my post. A little bit about myself, my name is Louis. I'm a twenty-seven year old UAV pilot in Las Vegas NV. I am currently attaining my Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship through Oklahoma State University. My bachelors degree is...
  4. yangdaonline


    INTRODUCTION Sky Eye-18HZ is a gimbal designed for X18 zoom camera for drone aerial inspection,surveillance,research and rescue mission,which can be easily installed on any multirotor platform.It consists of 1080p X18 optical zooming camera and a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal,which is able to...
  5. Michael Rampey

    UAV Logbooks for sale | Parhelion Aerospace

    At Parhelion Aerospace we design and sell a growing list of professional-grade drone flight logbooks. These books are derived from the over 30 years of professional aviation experience of their designer. For those of you who are pilots we have published the UAV Pilot Logbook (2nd Edition), in...
  6. AcroMode

    2 months with the DJI Phantom Standard

    The is a video I put together from the video I have shot in my first 2 months with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Hope you enjoy!
  7. A

    Build A Payload(GolfBalls) Drone

    I am competing in the TYESA UAV competition and I started doing some research on quad copter parts. However i'm stuck on choosing a FC. I need a flight controller that can obviously fly the quad but be able to run a loop program in the background. Simple program that uses a color detector to...
  8. J

    FS: Tarot 680Pro Extended 800mm Hexacopter! RTF - Great Photo Platform!

    Awesome Aerial Photography System! Optimally configured, all the best components to create an awesome aerial platform! 3275.00 (OBO) Take your aerial imaging to a new level! Tarot 680Pro Hexacopter/Multirotor (UAV/Drone) with extended arms for heavier lifting power! This is the result of...
  9. C

    Castle Creations Releases State-of-the-Art Firmware for Drones

    Olathe KS, July 19, 2016 – Castle Creations, the leader in electronic speed controllers (ESC) for unmanned aircraft systems, is excited to announce the release of a brand new, state-of-the-art and feature rich firmware, Multi-Rotor V5, for FPV racing and multi-rotor drones (UAV’s). Castle...
  10. DarthRotor

    Flipping and flying low on a windy day

    honing my low flight skills and successfully executing my first flips. Racehound 285 / ACRO Naze 32 (rate mode)
  11. R

    Building a processing sketch controlled Arducopter

    Hello! I am looking for a step by step, for newbies, hardware & software tutorial, which explains the building of the following type of Arducopter (very similar to what this guy did, but without the smartphone part: ): 1.An Arducopter (Arduino based quad copter) that has a payload capacity of...
  12. DarthRotor

    Quadcopter Infoz

    Hey All Darthrotor here -- it seems to be taking longer than expected but a release version of is finally out. Its still preliminary with more content coming ASAP but for now you can get some information on Quadcopter parts and FPV parts as well as...
  13. DarthRotor

    Snow Flights

    Quadcopter fights on days between snowfalls. kindof upbeat too :D Check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel to watch a pilot earn his wings.
  14. DRONE TV

    FIRST UK DRONE SHOW - VIDEO I filmed today

    Here is a rushed to edit video while in my hotel of the UK first Drone show. enjoy!
  15. DarthRotor

    Between Snowstorms

    Hey all I managed to get a couple good flights in before the snow hit hard. theres nothing like a good day of flying to bring zen to your life :D I made a fun vid -- thought i would share.