1. F

    after arming motors rpm jump to max rpm

    Hi. I am new to quads. I am building my first quad as a school project. After I built it and tried to arm the motors they spin slowly, but after 2-3 seconds they just set the full throttle and I don't know what to do. I checked my PID tuning and Receiver setup and they should be good. Someone...
  2. H

    Drone video not working troubleshoot

    Hello everyone, I am currently on my first build and ran into some video issues. Kit: -MAMBA F405 MK2 Betaflight Flight Controller F40 40A 3-6S DSHOT600 FPV Racing Brushless ESC -JJA-CM1200 1/3 CMOS 1200TVL Mini FPV Camera 2.1mm Lens 16:9 PAL/NTSC Black/Red For RC Drone - Black NTSC -Eachine...
  3. A

    NEWBIE! Need a little throttle help...

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the hobby and just built my first quadcopter a few days ago. While I think I've fixed most of the problems I originally had, there's one problem in particular that I cant get down. Every time I raise the throttle, the quad understands and begins to go up. However, when I...
  4. L

    Problems with output calibration

    I am using Libre Pilot, and during the process of output calibration, I move the slider and the motors don't turn on. I also tried to calibrate all motors at the same time with no effect. If needed I can supply the model of all components I used. Thank you in advance! Components: OpenPilot...
  5. B

    Help Please!

    I have a eachine 250 racer. I am having an odd problem. When I power on the drone the Video transmits just fine, clear strong signal but after about one second when the drone starts to beep during its boot up routine I loose the video. Any Ideas? Thanks!!!
  6. S

    Naze32 (rev6) via Cleanflight to Hyperion Atlas ESC communication issue

    Hello, all. I originally posted with issues on my first build (never flew) and the problem seems to have changed quite a's an interesting progression if you'd like to follow it, check my other post. BUT the progress has lead to setup changes that would constitute a new posting...
  7. N

    Battery Voltage OK?

    I currently have a 22.2v 5000mAh lipo on my first quadcopter build, its pretty heavy but I have some 800kv motors with 11in props/30A esc's that have no problem lifting it off the ground. The problem is, despite all of my calibration efforts, "hovering throttle" causes it to lift off the ground...
  8. R

    Why my husban x4 h107c+ don't lit up ?

    Hi, i am trying to give battery connection from 2 wire to 3 pin on the x4 pcb. When the 2 wire is connected to the pins.positive and negative..only the motor spins...i can't see the leds light light up ? what is wrong ? Please anyone can suggest ? Thanks!
  9. M

    Holystone F181 Trouble Shooting Issue

    Hi All, I'm new to the hobby so bought a Holystone F181 to try it out, based on the 5 out of 5 reviews on Amazon. Unfortunately, though all the rotors work, the darn thing would not throttle up. It just idles. Everything else seems fine. Trouble shooting suggests maybe battery not fully...
  10. E

    Help with range upgrade issues

    Hello all, Hoping to get some help and/or suggestions with antenna upgrades. Purchased a Hubsan X4 H501s, and wasn't happy with the range I was getting (FPV and control cut out around 100-150 meters). Bought these and installed: FPV 5.8 ghz...
  11. Proxxii

    Naze32 Help Please! (PLEEEEEEASE)

    So I went to fly yesterday, prior everything worked like a charm. Noticed my controls were acting a bit odd on first battery but i brushed it off as user error. When I plugged in my second battery the Naze32 gave me the 3 blink indicator that it connected to my transmitter and then continues to...
  12. SinisterWeasel

    C33D settings won't save with LibrePilot - any advice?

    Hello, first post and I am asking for help already :) I updated OpenPilot to LibrePilot yesterday and all went well, I had to delete previous software in rescue mode first but the setup process is fine. I can fly the quad and it is stable - until the battery is removed, then all the settings...
  13. S

    KK 2.1 FCB to Hyperion 25A ESC issue.

    Howdy, (see build info in my signature, please) Problem: ESCs indicate ( through motors ) a constant 2 warning beep, which by the Hyperion manual should mean there is "no signal from receiver on start-up". Also, when I "arm" the Flight Control Board (FCB) to take flight, motors continue to...