1. Marcwolf

    ATTOP XT-1 Hacks and Mods

    Hi all. I have brought one of the cheap ($60) ATTOP XT-1 drones. As an experimenter I would like to do various mods on it. I have extensive knowledge of Arduino, electronic etc. What mods have others done to this and cheap clones. If I have to strip the controller board out and out something...
  2. Grant Wise

    I Modified my Phantom 3 to Launch Rockets

    Hey guys, I've had my Phantom 3 Drone for a while and primarily use it for arial photography/videography. However, as a general geek, and model rocket enthusiast, I thought it would be cool to add some additional servo controls, and the ability to remotely launch rockets from my drone. Here is...
  3. Russelle KiFli

    1080p camera light enough for Syma X5HW

    The stock camera is great but it doesnt meet my standards, so I've been looking for light 1080p camera with or without FPV (but better if it has). What I'm finding is -Low price -1080p or better -light (that a syma x5hw can lift) -FPV is an option -Shaped like a mobius cam I really need your...
  4. S

    Runcam eagle upgrade on wizard X220

    Hello ! this is my video on how i upgrade my fpv cam : Hope you will like it :) Bye !
  5. T

    Syma X5 with standard props?

    Good day guys! I just wanted to ask if there is any way to use standard propellers with the Syma x5 motors.. I'm working on building a quad since I lost it 6 months ago, now I have the transmitter only and instead of selling it I plan to create a new quad by buying spare parts of the motors...