mini quadcopter

  1. BillM-RC

    DJI Ryze Tello RTF review - includes how to connect Gamesir T1s remote control

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts DJI Ryze Tello RTF review. This DJI Ryze Tello review includes unboxing, inspection & setup and how to connect the Gamesir T1s remote controller to the Tello. This micro drone powered by DJI technology comes with a 5MP HD Camera, 720P WiFi FPV camera , optical...
  2. RohanSequeira

    Need Advice and help : Mini Quad Motor Driver

    Hi, Im Rohan and im experimenting with building a mini quad from scratch. Ive built a 450 size quad before using brushless motors and a CC3D FC and its been performing well but honestly there was no build satisfaction as it just involved assembly of all components. So this project where i want...
  3. C Ray Tech

    What are you flying these days

    Since I received my Eachine E011 I havent been able to find a better whoop. With SilverXXX firmware there is no stopping this thing. I never flew Acro before and I'm on day 7 and I cant look back. So what are ya'll flying?
  4. Thrice Saitta

    Top advice for starting a build on professional quality boards for AIO Photography Drone?

    I am a total noob programmer and engineer looking to use drones as a first step in this field of learning while I go to school. I already order a simple JJRC H31 with the 2mp camera as a starter. I will already be making mods(like the FOV & antennas)and working with waterproof resin(at least...
  5. Rc Reviewer

    Hubsan H002: HD Micro Camera Quad!

    Hey everyone, I was browsing online and I found what looks to be a promising quadcopter. It's called the Hubsan H002, and it has a lot of neat features. It's currently being sold on Geekbuying, and I recommend you check out the link: Here...
  6. Rc Reviewer

    Sy X23 $10 Nano Drone Review (Hobbywow)

    This is my in depth review of the Sy X23 nano drone which was provided by Hobbywow in exchange for an unbiased review. I also made a short night flight video of this product to show how it performs. I would like to thank Hobbywow for this honest attitude, and I look forward to reviewing more...
  7. Rc Reviewer

    $25 Nano Quadcopter: Syma X12S

    This is my in-depth review of the Syma X12S Nano Quadcopter, which I purchased from HobbyWoW for just $25 USD. I definitely recommend this website, as it has great prices and fast, free delivery options. View the item here: To start off...
  8. raymon kroeze

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    Couple of days ago I went back to the forest to find some new spots. After a very long walk I found this amazing spot. Those where higher then I ever have seen before in real life! Let me know what you think!
  9. C

    FQ 777 951W Mini Quadcopter Review (courtesy

    Hello everyone i posted a new review video of the FQ-777 951W mini. In this video i take a "relevant" full look at this nano sized quadcopter: -Quick unboxing -Full indoor flight -Controlling it with a phone. -Fpv recording. Also more info in videodescription.
  10. A

    First build: mini quad

    Hi I'd like to build a small quadcopter without any (or, better said, as little as possible) pre-build parts: I'd like to program by myself one/some microcontroller/s to control the motors and the sensors I'm going to use and I should be able to do it, but I actually don't now how to make all...
  11. ReadyQuadcopters

    Best Mini Quadcopters

    Hey guys we did a post on the best mini quadcopter to make it easier to decide. Hint - the Hubsan X4 still remains our favorite. Let me know if you think some others should be on there!
  12. XtremerJay

    Lishitoys L6055 Review - 2 in 1 Quadcopter + Car

    Hi, Here is the complete flight/drive review of the amazing must have beginner drone Lishitoys L6055 which is a convertible car hence a multipurpose vehicle. I hope this review would help some one looking to start into this hobby. This is a very suitable flyer with altitude hold for beginners...
  13. Kiko.Z

    Cheerson CX-10W Mini FPV Camera Quadcopter

    FQ777-954, the eye-catching feature is like the FQ777-954, it's a mini camera quadcopter support FPV function. Do you think this Cheerson CX-10W will be successful like their Cheerson CX10 series? Here is complete information about this Cheerson CX-Star: Features *4 channels with LED lights...
  14. Kiko.Z

    FQ777-951 Mini Drone Quadcopter

    FQ777 Newest Model, the FQ777-951 Mini Quadcopter, do you like this new mini quadcopter? Features: CF Mode 3D Flip One key return MODE1&MODE2 switch Low/high speed modes Cool light control Hand throw Specs: Charging Time:30mins Flying time :about 4-5mins R/C Distance:About 15m Mode...