lipo batteries

  1. J

    How to reliably measure current battery level of a DIY drone?

    Hello, I'm building an autonomous drone with a Pixhawk and a Raspberry Pi on a F450 chassis, which starts and returns to it's home base by itself. For this project, I need to have a good estimate of the battery level. So far, I learned that the flight controller usually assumes a starting...
  2. C

    A question about the battery brand

    I found this on Google, has anyone used or know it? I feel that the price is very favorable and I want to try it.
  3. C

    About New LiPo Brand & New Series

    New Series & New Products Arrival!!!!! Tindling using the latest chemistry technology to provide sufficient capacity for your RC airplane or RC car trucks models.
  4. BillM-RC

    Lipo Battery Metal Safety Box review

    Hi fellow rc enthusiasts Lipo Battery Metal Safety Box review - In this DUPU Lipo Battery box review of this Metal Safety, Protective, Waterproof, Anti-explosion Fireproof Case, I share warnings, features, fitting & application.
  5. Ruby

    Ovonic Memorial Day Sale: Buy 3 Get 1 Free for FPV Batteries

    Therefore, for the important Memorial Day, Ampow gives the best Memorial day sales 2019 and provides an Extreme Deal for RC hobby batteries. Good news for us Hobbyists! This activity will last 10 days from 27th May to 5th June. If you buy 3 packs of FPV batteries, you will get a free one.FPV...
  6. Ruby

    Another build show

    this build with Ovonic 1550 4s 100c, oh it's really a punch!! you'd better use 30A esc or greater with this battery. that's great FPV battery fly practice without cost lost.
  7. BillM-RC

    ISDT T6 Lite & Battgo Smart Battery Balance Charger review

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts ISDT T6 Lite 600W 25A Smart Battery Balance charger for 2 – 6s batteries review. This ISDT battery charger review includes a comparison battery charging test with an Imax B6 mini charger and shows some useful accessories for this too.