1. H

    New camera for custom drone.

    Hi, I've been looking for a new camera for a custom Tarot 680. Roughly £500-600 not including the gimbal. Does anyone have any suggestions? My GoPro hero 7 just feels lacking at the moment in time. Looking for any type of camera, to be honest. DSLR, SLR, or GoPro I don't mind. Don't really mind...
  2. BL Swagger

    450 Build - GPS & Gimbal advice

    Hey everybody, I plan on starting a 450 build. The difference with this build and my previous builds is that I want to add GPS and a gimbal supporting GoPro to the quad, so I am looking for help regarding those two areas. I have already ordered some of the parts regarding the build, so this is...
  3. GyroDrone2.0

    Syma X8C gimbal!

    Hi, I have the syma X8C but the camera is junk. I was looking around on ebay and I found this...
  4. WolverineMachine

    Phone Gimbal-Hubsan X4 Pro using a Samsung S6 Edge in 4K

  5. yangdaonline


    INTRODUCTION Sky Eye-18HZ is a gimbal designed for X18 zoom camera for drone aerial inspection,surveillance,research and rescue mission,which can be easily installed on any multirotor platform.It consists of 1080p X18 optical zooming camera and a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal,which is able to...
  6. Kealan

    Irish Sunset Filmed with Storm32 & Gopro Hero 5 Black

    Hey this is a sunset I filmed yesterday with my homemade quad. Im pretty happy with the gimbal but its not perfect, anyone know what to tweak to fix the tiny vibration that appears once or twice throughout the vid? Thanks in advance :) PID P[ 4.6, 170, 0.07] I[5.5, 195, 0.09]...
  7. Kealan

    Storm32 Gimbal problem

    Hi guys, Iv been messing around with this 3 axis gimbal i got and i cant seem to get it working. Using V096 and the v1.31 board, i can connect to the GUI and everything goes green. However as you can see in the pictures it says IMU not available. I have triple checked that the IMU is properly...
  8. Kealan

    Will this burn out my gimbal motor?

    The gimbal is the storm32 3 axis from ebay. I haven't used it yet, only uploaded the bootloader. I'm using a gopro hero which doesn't fit into the gimbal so I modified it so it would fit. I 3D printed a piece to drop the platform which the camera rests on down about an inch and out about an inch...
  9. S

    Looking For Gimbal/Camera Suggestions

    I'm looking for a FPV system and I'd like to be able to have complete shutter control and take individual snapshots and movies clips remotely on my Tarot X8 using my transmitter. I know it can be done with the Canon D5 combined with the Tarot 5D3 Gimbal which I'm not ruling out, but I'm...
  10. Kiko.Z

    Zerotech Rollcap Handheld Pocket Gimbal Camera

    Zerotech Rollcap Handheld Pocket PTZ Camera Released Yesterday, This product is designed to be very compact, Built in stability augmentation PTZ, surpport HD Recording, Its selling point is portability. Rollcap uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 945 mAh capacity battery, officials...
  11. GlassKnees

    Replacing My Tarot 2 Axis Gimbal With A 3 Axis One

    Going from a fixed mounted camera to a 2 axis gimbal was a huge step for me - the stabilization along the pitch and roll axis permitted me to shoot much better aerial videos. But lately I've been annoyed by the "yaw jitter" that occurs when the autopilot is fighting a cross breeze. So I decided...
  12. SkyGround Productions

    Parkouring to Get the Train! in 4k

    Whilst shooting this video with our amazing phantom 3 professional we had a problem with the gimbal's x-axis stabilization. We simply made it work by turning the drone off and back on. From there everything was fine. Do you have any idea on how this has happened? Anyways in this video two...
  13. C

    Stumbled upon this contest for a DJI Phantom 3 and GoPro HERO4 Silver, thought I'd share! Best of luck to anyone entering!!
  14. Kealan

    DIY Servo gimbal help

    So iv 3D printed a 2 axis servo gimbal for my quadcopter. I have put it all together only to realise one problem. How do you get the servo that controls the roll to have a strong and secure connection to the rest of the gimbal?? For example
  15. E

    MJX X600 C4008 camera with gimbal?

    So I have the MJX X600 and I'm quite happy with it's overall performace so far, however the camera is more than slightly disappointing. The main issue is the wavyness which I have noticed only occurs when the video is very monotonous (i.e I'm flying over a grass field) but when I'm flying around...
  16. B

    Will a Gimbal work with Syma X8G?

    Another newbie here, so bear with me if you would. I`m hoping to get the Syma X8G soon, because of the quality of the camera at the price. I`d still prefer better quality (re Gello) if poss though, and wondered if anyone knew if a 2 axis brushless gimbal would fit between the camera and it`s...
  17. Hobby Wow

    Beholder DS1 3- axis handheld Gimbal unboxing and test

    Description: A very good gimbal for the filmakers. Beholder DS1 can load 2kg, Support Canon 6 d / 5 d / 7 d, support large SLR, like A7R2、A7S+24-70/12-35、RX10DII, GH4+12-35, GH3+14-140 ect. It can be more widely used in theater quality video, capture micro-film, feature films, documentaries and...
  18. F

    FS: 3DR Solo + Gimbal + 2 Batteries $1199

    I'm selling a gently used 3DR Solo with gimbal and two batteries. Comes with retail boxes, feet extenders, chargers, cables, manuals, everything. Contact me directly at fxtbrkn@yahoo. I'll gladly answer questions, provide photos, etc.
  19. E

    Handheld gimbal setup tips

    Hi guys! I was going to bring my qaud on a trip to south africa but decided to just bring a gimbal. I already have the gimbal and motors that I bought from hobbyking. Now I need a 2-axis gimball controller and a thumb joystick in order to controll the pitch and roll manually. I would really...