1. War Chest


    Thanks so much for all of your support last time around!
  2. WolverineMachine

    DM003 Mini Drone Flight Board Replacement

    After about 5 months of sitting on the shelf, I decided it's time to replace the damaged flight board on the DM003 by DAMING. I bought this on Banggood.com in April in order to enjoy it during the summer. But having being sidetracked, it took a back seat. Watch the video to see the outcome after...
  3. WolverineMachine

    DM003 Flight board Replacement Blunder!

    Well, I should have tried to bind it without the motors. There is nothing said better than follow your own steps. It cost me some time. Check out the video on me replacing the flight board on the DM003 Mini Drone.
  4. raymon kroeze

    Sunset smoothness FPV freestyle

    I love this spot during sunset!! So peaceful!
  5. raymon kroeze

    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change instead of a big forest!
  6. I

    Luxury Condos and Yacht riddled coast of Jakarta. Enjoy!!!

    Its my best work to date but any feedback would be welcome. Especially criticism. I am picking up a lot of tricks from watching videos from the forum so PLEASE keep posting them! Its helping me add tricks to my flight maneuvers and also my editting bag of tricks. Thanks in advance.
  7. raymon kroeze

    First VLOG || FPV freestyle

    Perfect summer days | FPV freestyle | VLOG #1 - This is the first VLOG I'v ever made. The last couple of weeks I was experimenting with this. But I think I will make more of these video's in the future. If you want to see more video's of me vlogging, let me know in the comments. Last week I met...
  8. raymon kroeze

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    It's been a long time since i've been to this spot. I totally forgot how high those trees really are.
  9. raymon kroeze

    When the rain stops Cinematic freestyle flying

  10. raymon kroeze

    Cinematic forest freestyle

    Cinematic forest freestyle - I love flying in the woods. This is such a peaceful place to be. Last week I went back to this forest and I almost forgot how beautiful this place really is. So I will be spending more time here once again.
  11. Marton Szabo

    Budapest in 4K - Phantom 3 Professional

  12. U

    Flying at a Military Tank Base

    Short Video of my droneflight at a shut down Military Base Please tell me what you think about it and thanks for watching
  13. U

    Great looking Lake with morning Fog - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Beautiful Lake near Ebrach South-Germany with morning fog , birds and great light conditions. Please leave your feedback, thank you :)
  14. Kealan

    Fpv camera angle

    For high altitude fpv flight.. Would it be better to have your fpv camera facing forward or facing straight down? I presume you don't get to see how much you're drifting away if you're high up and your cam is facing straight ahead.. Could be deadly for losing signal.. Thanks in advance