1. B

    FAA drone rule changes. Take action now to keep flying!

    Not sure if you have seen it but the FAA have proposed new rules for UAVs that will require remote transponders. This can have many consequences for drone pilots including additional costs and can really harm hobbyist and commercial drone usage. You can find more information and a link to give...
  2. Raincast

    Comprehensive Drone TRAVEL Guide/Tips

    Hello fellow flyers! I just finished a light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling with your drone. I split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just to organize the content a bit better. Feel free to input your own advice so those who are looking to travel may...
  3. Raincast

    Travel With Drone Guide/Tips, Comprehensive

    Hi drone enthusiasts! I just made a short-ish light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling and shooting with your drone. I decided to split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight to make the content more readily digestable. Feel free to share your own tips and...
  4. N

    New to drones, a lot of questions (Massachusetts and FAA laws?).

    Im sure a lot of this has been discussed in previous threads, but I have a lot of individual questions that I've been trying to get definitive answers on for several days. I just got my first drone, a GoPro Karma, and I'm trying to ensure I don't break any regulations so I can avoid he hefty...
  5. 94Z28

    FAA Registration is no more!

    http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/19/technology/drone-registration-faa/ Here's the article about it, their regulations were bombed by a lobbyist it seems. Comments, or opinions welcome
  6. MapMaker53

    T-Shirts: FAA Licensed Remote Pilot, and more

    Don't want the public harassing you? I now have t-shirts for FAA Licensed Remote Pilots who have passed their exam so you can look official. I also have shirts for hobbyists ("FAA Registered Drone Pilot"). Most colors and styles can be customized before you order. Be sure to refer to the...
  7. Gregory Sprowl

    Engraved FAA Registration Number Tags on Ebay

    Hi everybody. I make custom cnc engraved FAA number tags for drones. I offer a number of different sizes, styles, colors, etc. Some are self adhesive, some are held on with a screw. Check out my Ebay store here: http://stores.ebay.com/gregs-engraving?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  8. Michael Karp

    Survey: What The Drone Industry Really Thinks About U.S. Regulations

    Some people believe the dangers imposed by UAVs are a little over-exaggerated. For those reasons and more, we've put together a 5-minute survey on sUAS/drone regulations in the U.S. We're planning to use the results when we (UAV Coach) speak with policy makers and major news outlets. Please...
  9. G

    I feel violated

    I just paid my enjoyment tax at the FAA and I have to say, I felt completely violated. I actually feel dirty. Like the government stuck their middle finger up my $#@. Anyone have they feeling when they were registering?
  10. usualguy

    New FAA rules - what you need to know

    What do you think of the new FAA Rules for registering quadcopters? You can check them in this post. The deadline is said to be tomorrow (Feb/19). Have you registered?
  11. Alex Morgan

    FAA Threatened To Shoot Down Quads on Super Bowl

    Guys this was the latest talk of the town. I first read the details here: FAA wants to shoot down quads and then a bit of research. It was a valid news. Previously, we also saw how Finnish police (the country might be wrong) also decided to take down quads with the help of Eagles. Overall, the...
  12. Alex Morgan

    FAA On Quadcopters

    Guys, so i was roaming around and found this site Quadcopter Reviews. Saw something really interesting and i am sure many of you already know it. I thought i would summarize it for those who don't know about the FAA policy on Quadcopters. First of all, FAA doesn't differentiate between a drone...