1. A

    Flight Controller / (cheap) drone for autonomous cargo pickup and drop-off drone - university project

    tldr: I need a cheap drone (quadrocopter) or a flight controller, so that I can control a drone with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to implement a landing and cargo pickup routine. What drone or flight controller do you suggest? I am currently beginning my final university project for my bachelor...
  2. M

    Mavic Mini waypoint update

    Here is a petition for the introduction of a native waypoint system update for the Mavic mini, to allow mapped automated flight. The plan is to get signatures from all parts of the world. Once at a sufficient level the link for the petition will be forwarded on to DJI. These things only work by...
  3. S

    Autonomous micro Quadcopter - Onboard Computing or not

    Hi, So I'm building a Quadcopter and started programming the basic controls for it. The thing is my goal is to make it autonomous with sensors and Computer Vision. The Sensors and the Optical Flow I can develop inside the flightcontroller but with computer vision and preferably ROS I need a full...
  4. utsavchopra


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  5. J

    Help with autonomous flight with tilt rotor axes control

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, and couldn't really find what I need since there are a lot of threads. I will get straight to the questions. Recently, me and my cousin built a quadcopter for school project using the VQ250 tilt rotor kit (from Vector Quads) using PX4 2.4.8 with the same...