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    Help! My Quad doesn't takeoff

    Also make sure props are tightly locked down if some are loose it could really be yawing in one direction and trying hard to stop that from happening by spooling up the two.
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    Help! My Quad doesn't takeoff

    Good assessment on the yaw issue it does seem if those two motors diagonal each other spool up it's trying to counteract some yaw. Could be the FC is either too tightly mounted down or getting little vibrations from the frame, you might be able to correct it with some filter settings in the PID...
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    Finally tried DJI v2 goggles with the Caddx system

    Nice cruise. Agree, only downside I've seen with my air unit is it occasionally cuts off clips, seems worse further into the SD card so maybe a clean wipe/format will help with that. Other minor downside seems to be range isn't quite as good as I can get with analog and when it cuts out the...
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    I need help - motors don't react to RC?

    Ah you cannot arm normally with USB connected. Just verify your modes has arm switch setup right but if you disconnect from computer should be all good :D They don't normally let it arm while USB is connected since would be tethered to the computer and dangerous with bigger quads. If you have...
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    Battery Power Leads from F/C

    The simple rule to go by is stick to whatever gauge the mfg put on a battery leads to not "limit" things though or incidentally bleed off a lot of power as heat.
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    Battery Power Leads from F/C

    Probably fine, ultimately amount of current drawn through a given wire is what's going to cause loss as heat from resistance in the wire. If the heat has no where to dissipate it can build up and cook components or desolder things but given the thing is likely ripping through the air when it's...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Cisco, Welcome to the forum nice to virtually meet ya. There's a handful of regulars here and then the occasional passerby either trying to sell 10K+ rigs or buy a "hobby grade quad" for under a $100 (Damn you UAV futures :) ). Watched your vid here pretty cool stuff the "regular FPV"...
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    Crossfire - both drones lost contact with QX7, maybe my fault!

    Thanks for sharing the troubleshooting. I recently dove into the deep end with ExpressLRS TX/RXes think I will write up a post here with the steps to get that setup/configured once I get my head above water (it'll happen one day just wait and see).
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    Find a new lipo brand

    Never tried those but it's had good experience with the ovionic ones found on Amazon. The tattu ones haven't been as good in terms of cycle life for me, but seem fine out the box, so would say worth getting few different brands at same time and can see how they stand up to roughly the same...
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    Tinyhawk Freestyle 2 speeds up at 0 throttle Download betaflight configurator You may have to install some usb drivers if never hooked a quad up to the computer but basically follow the instructions on the installation and on startup screen of...
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    Tinyhawk Freestyle 2 speeds up at 0 throttle

    Check with the seller if getfpv or rdq their support tends to be good at helping diagnose and resolve issues. If can't get a hold of seller try capturing and dumping blackbox logs from the copter using betaflight.
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    Got Bux? Get Drone!

    What don't have any extra 10k burning a hole in your pocket for a quadcopter that won't be able to fly in the mountains or really too high or it will get out of cell tower range :D
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    Binding a Spektrum dx6i to a blade - Horizon Hobby Inductrix FPV BL BNF Basic..

    Could just be the receiver on it is dead and could be replaced. If it has a USB port can try hooking it up to a computer and assuming it runs betaflight can use the configurator to see if the FC seems to be working as expected and ESCs/motors are good in which case if the RX is dead you could...
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    FPV drone controller choice for beginner The 4 in 1 module the TX16** radios typically come with like one above can bind to a ton of different kinds of receivers (FrSky D8...
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    Express LRS first try

    Thanks! Yup was fun despite just an empty field, had to keep it kind of tame since somewhat tight area for the 5" and kids around, but luckily they were all cool and didn't chase the quad around this time. Also my props need replacing, banged them up last time was flying at the RC field with...