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    5lb Duty Drone

    If you are new to flying in general going big is a bad decision much better off spending the cash on some quality starter gear. Transmitter/controller will run ballpark $200 for something pretty good, goggles easily can cost $600 if only plan to do line of sight flying or GPS controlled then...
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    Need Help w/ Drone Selection

    Regarding banggood or ali or the like in general things are "cheap" there but is a "get what you pay for" situation from what I've experienced overall. Can be fine for somewhat throwaway stuff like props when first learning or getting slightly discounted deal on batteries for small quads or...
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    Need Help w/ Drone Selection

    List looks pretty good. If going 4S batteries (what I still stick with) then 2400kv option on the motors is one to go with. Only thing i think is missing maybe is the receiver for the controller. You can get a standalone video receiver that picks up the vid signal from the air and decodes...
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    Newcomer with a project

    Okay sounds reasonable :) Basically two pretty good ways to get data that I know of. The first option is using some sort of data logger on board the quad, using iNav or betaflight or pixhawk or ardupilot there are various flight control boards that have built in flash memory (accessed via USB...
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    Newcomer with a project

    Basically any quad that has "sufficient power" to fight whatever wind speeds it's encountering to attempt to hold position and has a GPS module with ability to hold position fairly well would work. Main concerns here for me would be where to do the testing such that if the quad begins to drift...
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    Backup and Copy of the firmware from one drone to another (ie Factory Reset)

    Yup pretty sure from logo and part number that one is a Realtek module, but there are wifi modules from Intel or Broadcom or a handful of other companies, I also would imagine is a similar chip dedicate to handling the wifi communication (modem) for home wifi access points. The older hardware...
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    Backup and Copy of the firmware from one drone to another (ie Factory Reset)

    Regarding betaflight and any sort of AI for the most part I think that's outside of what it really intends to support it's more in the way of manual/acrobatic flight control and just doing some stabilization using accelerometer and gyro data (is largely about the filtering used to eliminate as...
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    Backup and Copy of the firmware from one drone to another (ie Factory Reset)

    Ah nice yah I had a feeling from the question you must have had some technical background, but good to get a little of the history to know what will make sense vs what I have to try to explain :D. Think the cable you got should probably work basically there are two chips that are popular for...
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    Backup and Copy of the firmware from one drone to another (ie Factory Reset)

    Everything you said sounds great in theory.... the part you might find is missing is a USB connection on the FC. All the "betaflight compatible" FCs will basically have a USB port and chip to translate USB to "old school serial" for the MCU to get it into DFU/device firmware upgrade mode where...
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    airmode off tumble

    Not sure if already got your answer but basically you can set the min output throttle from transmitter side so the quad is always reading as some sort of throttle input after armed (you would need it to be under the min_throttle value so betaflight will let you arm or turn off the throttle...
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    A drone for topographic surveys

    Not sure what kind of accuracy/resolution you would be going for but if check out "photogrammetry" can see how 3d reconstructions can be made from high resolution imagery taken from various angles, that combined with more traditional surveying of topography is possible. Also a quad or other...
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    Propeller selection for Gaart ML2212S 920KV Motor

    I suggest this site a lot but when doing custom builds it is really nice for getting the in theory numbers on how changing prop size/pitch will affect things (no affiliation is just a useful site) --- Like you all said too though changing props not generally going to be a big risk...
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    Newbee from Warwickshire UK

    Yah stabilization mode is standard for all flight control boards that run betaflight, most of them also have extra serial inputs/outputs or other device to device communication protocol support including a few varieties of gps (bn 880 for example gps module). That said betaflight only supports...
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    Yet another "will my build even fly" thread.

    Suggest check out is great for getting some in theory numbers just takes some time to understand the interface but plug in some close parts and see what it calculates.
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    ESC fired but what about other componets

    If you haven't flown before might want to pick up a tiny hawk or similar small prebuilt as well since they are more durable and can be a lot of fun (just get a lot of batteries). Also simulators like lift off or velocidrone can be good to get feel for how much you need to tweak around with...