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    DJI now replaces drones under DJI Care Refresh

    What do you think of this new coverage program of DJI? Replacement is now possible even without the drone?
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    How Did DJI’s Digital FPV System Change the FPV Game?

    The DJI FPV Digital System caused a lot of hype last year, with many opinions from both ends of the spectrum. What can be said for sure, however, is that this release by DJI was hugely popular and was able to alter the landscape of FPV as we knew it. I think that the DJI FPV system changed the...
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    FPV is like a video game

    I have always wanted to try the FPV. I feel like it is just like a video game where you put on a goggles and race. It is kind of pricey and out of my league to be honest, but the experience is quite unique. I want to get some insights on the people who has actually tried it. I know it's amazing...