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    Phone Gimbal-Hubsan X4 Pro using a Samsung S6 Edge in 4K

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    Tech Review by IRDI and True Drone Revies-Burgers before Turkey

    Just a great meet with Bryan from True Drone Reviews.
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    Flying at Pioneer Park in Monroeville PA.

    We were going to rendezvous with "True Drone Reviews" Bryan Single today. We are going to do our first meet and greet with him, fly a little with the family, and trade some info and fun here at Pioneer Park, Monroeville, Pa. See what Momma Irdi has to do for her cub's flight mistake
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    DM003 Flight board Replacement Blunder!

    Well, I should have tried to bind it without the motors. There is nothing said better than follow your own steps. It cost me some time. Check out the video on me replacing the flight board on the DM003 Mini Drone.
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    JJRC/Eachine H8 Mini Battery Upgrade 1 view 0 0 SHARE

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    Eachine H8 Mini motor replacement

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    Drone/Quadcopter propeller balancing-Very Important!

    For a lot of new flyers, there is a lot to digest when learning the hobby. There are several things you always need to do when maintaining your Drone, quadcopter, helicopter, or plane. Anything with a rotating prop. And it happens to be a reason why so many beginners give up after a crash or...
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    Promark P70 landing gear mod for sjcam

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    Promark Flight, Mother's Day Linn Run Trail

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    Flight crash

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    Transmitter and flight board antenna mod

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    Promark P70 flight with blade guards and landing gear removed.

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    Promark P-70 VR Review, or Syma X8?

    Here is a budget friendly drone from Promark P-70 VR Drone, usually found through or Amazon. For around $140, you can teach yourself or someone else to fly get and get the experience needed to pilot a larger drone.
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    Promark P70 Flight with SJCAM SJ4000 Wifi FPV

    Got some footage with my SJCAM running 1080P at 30 fps flying above West Sunbury, Pa. last Friday.
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    Lipo bag!

    Get a bag before getting multiple batteries. I had one sizzle. Ugh. I just reviewed a cheap priced one and it came in less than two weeks. But I got the extra batteries first. I have no idea what happened, which kid spilled whatever, but I'm glad I got it now. And tie a flag on it so I can find...
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    DM003 Spy drone Motor Replacement

    This is my DM003 Micro Drone. There's a DM007 and DM009, and this has a version with camera as well. But I fly it without and I've modded the battery carrier and so forth. Just getting everything in order, and one motor burns out. So it take a bit to get in, so I ordered a full set. It was under...
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    Drone meets Drone in mid air, strangers in the sky

    Footage after flying our Promark Vr drone about 200 feet above our neighborhood. One of neighbors was flying theirs. Didn't know until they came up on the FPV screen.