tarot 650 sport

  1. GlassKnees

    Why I don't Like Tarot Frames

    I have built two Tarot multicopters, a 680 Pro Hexcopter and a 650 Sport quad. In addition, I am currently building a 650 Iron Man. Based on my experiences, I have the following critiques with Tarot designs. The first, and possibly the most significant flaw is the design of the motor mounts -...
  2. GlassKnees

    Finally! My New Props Arrived For MY Tarot 650 Sport

    I had been flying my Tarot 650 Sport quad with 13"props and decided that since I have T-Motor MN3520 motors, I'd go with 15" x 5 props. I ordered then a LONG time ago and they finally arrived from China. Here is how it looks now: The aircraft weighs 3.1 KG AUP (6000 mAH 6S lipo and a small...
  3. GlassKnees

    My Tarot 650 Sport Build

    I thought that I'd document the build process I went through with my Tarot quadcopter. Yes, this is the one that I had trouble getting the landing gear to retract, as well as using the AR8010T receiver. All issues have been resolved except for one minor problem: I need to calibrate the roll...
  4. GlassKnees

    New Build - Tarot 650 Sport Quad

    Well, after spending a considerable amount of time modifying and tinkering with an Elev-8 quadcopter, I finally decided I have to switch to another airframe. If you followed some of my exploits then you know that I tried different motors, added a gimbal, etc. but was sorely disappointed in my...