tarot 650 ironman

  1. GlassKnees

    Can One Fly Two Quads At Once?

    This question has come to me several times over the last year or so. Can one fly two quads using the same transmitter? I think you can. All you have to do is bind both receivers to the same transmitter. But why would you want to do this? Since both aircraft are getting the same signals and...
  2. GlassKnees

    Why I don't Like Tarot Frames

    I have built two Tarot multicopters, a 680 Pro Hexcopter and a 650 Sport quad. In addition, I am currently building a 650 Iron Man. Based on my experiences, I have the following critiques with Tarot designs. The first, and possibly the most significant flaw is the design of the motor mounts -...
  3. GlassKnees

    Planning A New Build

    I had two flying video platforms that were similarly equipped though different frames - one was a modified Parallax Elev-8 and the other was a Tarot 650 Sport. Both had T-Motor Navigator MN3520 400KV motors, 15.5"props and Hobbywing Platinum Pro 30A OPTO Escs. Both had APM 2.6 flight...