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    OUCH crash photos

    Sent to DJI to fix. The camera was damaged too, but still flying great today!
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    OUCH crash photos

    A year ago this month. Hit a cable while going up that I thought I was past. I always make certain when flying around cables and lines now :cool:
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    Follow Me Mode

    Active track should work if the drone is slightly behind you, or couldn't you just have enough distance between you and the drone to have in front of you in view? You could also crop so that it would appear whatever was in front of you to be the focus point.
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    Which video editor

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    Happy New year

    Happy New Year! Time to drink up!
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    DJI Spark strange problem

    The path of least resistance was sought after, but it sounds like I was on the correct path to the solution. Thank you for verifying my thought @Tentoes :cool:
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    DJI Spark strange problem

    Why are you checking your phone wifi connection? I have the mavic air and I think they connect the same way, but I have never checked my wifi before I fly. Does your phone plug into the remote?
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    4 crashes in 1 minute video. The ones I have caight on film

    This one took a month off of my life back in the day. Sometimes it is the hardware.... Long story short, it was my escs. It flew great until I would make a quick turn. After esc swap
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    4 crashes in 1 minute video. The ones I have caight on film

    Nice! I think most of us have been there, done most of that before lol.
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    First Build - 450mm frame w/935Kv Motor

    How many cells are you planning on using to power your build? You could pick this fc up and then get the gps puck later once the budget allows...
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    Merry Christmas All!

    Merry Christmas!!!! My wish is new drones for everyone!
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    hi i am new

    Welcome to the most friendly drone/quadcopter place online!
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    Cyber Monday Deals

    100 off of select dji drones. I went for the mavic air, but taxes killed it for me buying a new one. I decided on a used one with 6 batteries for less than the fly more package that would have cost more. Good luck!
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    GoPro 7

    True, but the footage would be awesome if it performs like stated.
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    GoPro 7

    Any thought on the GoPro7? We needed this a couple of years ago!