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    I have $500 to spend which one to get?

    I don't have GPS on mine and have never flown a craft that did. I could see it being useful as a failsafe and for GPS lock if I was doing aerial photography. But don't let it get in the way of learning how to fly your craft manually. I've heard too many stories of people who only knew how to...
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    I have $500 to spend which one to get?

    What do you plan to do with GPS?
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    I have $500 to spend which one to get?

    My personal opinion is that you'd be better off building one. You learn more and you become more familiar with your craft. If something is wrong, there's a better chance of you knowing what is wrong and how to fix it. Plus, you'll get more bang for your buck. I was able to build a 500 sized...
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    Want to learn on a Micro for a N00B

    Is that Cheerson smaller than the Hubsan X4? If so, I'd be hesitant. I haven't flown the Cheerson, but I've flown the Proto-X and found it much harder to fly than the Hubsan. And much less fun. Those tiny little things might be "cute" but they're really too small to be fun. I really think...
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    Hubsan X4 H107 transmitter question

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like you're confusing Modes 1 & 2 with "Expert" and "Normal" modes. Mode 1 means the throttle is on the right stick. Mode 2 means the throttle is on the left stick. It is possible to change the Tx to one or the other of these modes and it will stay there through...
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    2 vs. 3 blade rotors

    3 blades give more thrust compared to 2 blades of the same diameter. However, it is less efficient - meaning more work by the motors which means more drain on the batteries which means shorter flight time. If you're constrained to a certain diameter but want the extra thrust and don't mind...
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    Receiver Controlled LEDs

    What flight controller are you using? The Naze32 (and clones) running Cleanflight can now support LED control through the flight controller.
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    Heath's Scratch Built Quad

    It flies great and is a lot of fun. But, for me there were some problems with the AnyCopter hub design that I felt I could address. I have not yet made and tested my redesigned hub yet, but hope to do that soon. The big hole in the center of the bottom hub made mounting my flight controller a...
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    real time video display quadcopter under 100$?

    I don't know of anything less expensive than that. But, keep in mind, that at that level (of budget and size) it's more of a novelty anyway.
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    Heath's Scratch Built Quad

    Well, making a build video of the entire process went out the window once we got started! Too much hassle to try to video everything when it's already been done before by others, and probably better than we could. Only took a couple pictures during the process too... And here's the...
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    Heath's Scratch Built Quad

    I've got all my stuff, and I think I'm ready to start building this weekend. Things not pictured but I do have - PVC to make landing gear, blue loctite, velcro (straps and adhesive backed), 3.5mm bullet connectors, prop balancer, and battery charger. I'm picking up a better assortment of zip...
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    Whitespy (Ready To Fly Quads) warning

    He made good and sent the motors.
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    Gopro capable DIY quad?

    I don't know enough about RC to answer you question about the transmitter, but I'm not sure how the steering wheel type would work on a multi-rotor. I'm still building my quad (I also have a Hubsan X4). I'm coming in under $300 and that includes the transmitter and receiver. It will certainly...
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    Wanting two quads and need help

    Technically speaking, a quadcopter (4 rotors) is still a multi-rotor. A tri-copter (3 rotors) is a multi-rotor as is a bi-copter (2 rotors). So, I think what you mean is a hexacopter (6 rotors) or an octocopter (8 rotors). But, I would agree with the suggestion that a hex or octo would be...
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    Tell Me How Our 10 Best Quadcopters List Is

    Of those on your list, I've flown the Hubsan X4 (I and my son each have one), the Blade Nano QX (two friends have them), and the Estes Proto-X (three friends have them). I would rank the Proto-X the lowest of the three. It's only real problem is that it's just too tiny. My Hubsan X4 H017L...