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    Syma X5C-1 Modifications thread

    I had some Venom batteries and was getting 1/3 less flight time as compared to some no name batteries I had with the same mAh. I ended up returning them.
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    Syma X5C-1 Modifications thread

    For gear guards I have seen the lids off gallon milk jugs used. don't know about the weight.
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    Syma X5C-1 Modifications thread

    Got mine off ebay
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    Eachine VR-007 5.8G 40CH HD FPV Goggles

    I'm that list too. Paid a little extra for expedited shipping.
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    Syma X5C Clone newbie-bind?

    Check to be sure all the trims are centered. It will do that when it's close to the ground. It's riding on top of it's own prop wash. Pull it up 2-3 ft off the floor if it's still drifting back and to the left add a little forward trim & some right trim.
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    Lost Drone Alarm for X5C-1 - Super Easy Install

    That sure doesn't look like good flying weather. I would stay inside and fly too.
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    Lost Drone Alarm for X5C-1 - Super Easy Install

    Neat idea, needs some controlled field test to see if it will actually work.
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    Syma X1-R build

    Yea eBay is a scary place, I guit selling there years ago and I don't buy much there either. They definitely run a kangaroo court system there for sure. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I don't blame you I would have probably done the same thing.
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    Syma X1-R build

    Check eBay I picked up a new battery like that for $.99 was generic & not E-flight.
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    Eachine 250's

    I have the Er250 but really can't comment on how it flies. I bought the ARF version and been gathering the rest of the parts to complete it mainly the RX. Plus the weather hasn't been friendly. Some of the guys over at rcgroups are switching to the Eamachine Falcon 250. I did get a chance to...
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    Syma X1-R build

    Will the battery holder from a v262, v666 fit? Aren't the center pieces for all the Wltoys quads the same?
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    A cheap/beginner drone with (good) camera

    I wouldn't worry about a camera till you learn to fly. I would suggest getting either a Syma X5C-1 or the Nihui U807 both are very good starter quads. Parts for either are fairly cheap and easy to get. Having both I think I would recommend the U807 though both are easy fliers in the beginners...
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    Lipo`s how to charge and look after

    Why not just power the charger off the car battery?
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    First FPV

    When the video first started I thought to myself why is he trying to fly fpv nose in. I'm still collecting the needed equipment, but everything I have read or watched about fpv flying said to always have forward movement that it's real hard to hover in fpv especially when starting out. There...
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    Nihui U807 modifications thread.

    Using a ruler I'm getting 3 mm for the gear 4 mm including shaft