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    Another chess set featuring .... The Undead

    Undead chess set continue...…. Rook Pawn
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    Another chess set featuring .... The Undead

    I came across this chess set apparently featuring the Undead. I printed and hand painted them, except the Pawn. I'll be damned if I had to paint the same model 16 times. :) Chess board is a little too tight for the pieces. I might have to print a bigger board. King ………...
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    3D print...... Eiffel Tower

    Model size : 130% It is amazing a "budget" 3D printer, Ender 3, can print a model with such definitive minute details. Nothing amiss or incomplete.
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    3D printed chess pieces and chess board

    Thank you for the compliments. It took me about 2 and 1/2 days. I was using 2 printers for that. Ender 3 and Anycubic Mega S. The Wood filament gave me heartache. Sometimes the prints did not come out nice enough and I had to reprint again. Filament is by Amolen. Cost me C$39.99. Not cheap...
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    3D printed chess pieces and chess board

    Chess pieces are printed with Transparent and Wood pla filaments. The tallest piece, the King, is about 3 and 1/2 inches tall with a round base of 1.2 inches in diameter. The chess board is printed with White and Gold pla filaments. It's measured at 13.8 in x 13.8 in. The board consists of 80...
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    3D printer .4mm nozzle question

    Yes. I overlooked the need to lower/raise the bed scenario. I thought the most I had to do is to re-level the bed. I think those used in Ender 3 are called MK8, and those used in Anycubic Mega S are called M6. Just finished replacing the entire extruder hot end in my Ender 3 with a new one from...
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    3D printer .4mm nozzle question

    I have 2 printers...….. Creality Ender 3 and Anycubic Mega-S I have nozzles that come with each printer. I have noticed that there is a slight difference in size of the .4mm nozzle between the 2 printers. Those used in Mega-S have longer thread than those used in Ender 3. Question : can they be...
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    SJRC Z5 question(s)

    I had a very similar issue. My Z5 got stuck high above a tree branch. I shook it down but couldn't catch it. It crashed to the ground. After that, the camera must have broken because it would not connect to my cellphone. It would fly without camera and GPS but who wants that. I ended up buying a...
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    Is my drone hobby going to be a short lived one ?

    Read about the Canada new regulations of drone operation via you-tube video. EACH drone weighs over 250 grams is to be "Remote ID" registered individually. So, I have 5 of those over 250 grams, and I doubt if they are compatible to be installed with Remote ID. If they aren't, I am "s---" out of...
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    Treehouse .... "new and improved" :-)

    I printed a treehouse a month or so ago. It was 70% of the default size, and I had had many mishaps particularly the circular stairs. It had my number. Gods know how many balusters I had broken and glued back! Fittings were bad too. Never quite satisfied with it. 3 days ago, I started to print...
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    3D printing. RE : Skirt

    In Cura, under Build Plate Adhesion option, there are 4...…. Brim, Skirt, Draft, None. I know what Brim and Draft are for. I fail to see the usefulness of Skirt. It doesn't seem to have any purpose. Please advise.
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    Skywalker Mini RC Quadcopter 2.4 GHZ not charging

    Just to be sure, please check the user manual on battery charging. I have drones where red light will come on when charging,, then shut off when fully charged. And I have drones doing the exact opposite.
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    Season Greetings

    Merry Christmas to all
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    Christmas time off topic ...... Arcade1Up, partycade

    Has anyone bought one of those Arcade1up, or the smaller version Partycade (or Countercade) ? If yes, how do you like it ? I am interested in the Galaga model but it is not available in Canada. Pac-man has gone down the price from C$499 to C$379 ( It is tempting, but not my first...