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    Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack - English - For all Open-TX transmitters

    I've updated the download links for my Soundpack to be high speed Github links.. enjoy! Right click and "Save as..." Edgy SoundPack English for It's a huge collection of sound files to make your transmitter talk in a...
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    This forum "Not Secure" ?

    Firefox will give you the same kidn of warning if try to download a file via an http link and not https. I found this out recently and swore buckets at Firefox when I realized the download link to my soundpack hosted on my personal webserver was probably barfing at downloaders for the past year...
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    Recommendation for drone

    My impression is there are mostly hobby beginners here, you might have much better luck with your question on or .. but more specifically, forum threads that deal with large commercial / agricultural / hollywood camera drones or pilots that fly auto-pilot flight...
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    Beached Whale in Iceland. ( Þorlákshöfn ) 27 10 2021 Drone footage DJI Mini2

    If you would of landed on it, it would of been a first. Though, this is probably still a first.
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    Quadcopter rotors stop on takeoff

    If your quadcopter has gears, it's probably using brushed motors, and they may be burned out. Do they look like little metal cylinder firecrackers? If so, then they are brushed motors. If you crash and something hinders the propeller blades from spinning (tree branch, grass, etc) while...
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    First drone build - Unstable, keeps dropping

    A. Combination of it fail safeing or browning out, and then.. gravity takes over. The flight controller is browning out from voltage drop caused by throttling up and supplying all those motors with serious amps. Bungee cord the quad down to the top of a step ladder, then throttle up to 10%...
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    Free Music / Sound Effects Resource for Your Videos - Over 2000 Tracks

    Just give us one link to one gigantic .zip file archive to download it all. Your sub folders can contain all the different genres. That's how I did my free sound pack for Open-TX transmitters. I don't have time to download a dozen different dounspacks, let alone 50 million individual soudn...
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    To build or buy

    Learn to fly first in a sim. Then buy an RTF. I t's going to be hard enough just getting that in the air, esp. if you have to learn your way aorund Betaflight and Open-TX at once. It's a steep mountain. To build, you're going to need to be slick at soldering and need a good soldering iron...