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  1. wafflejock

    Drone Chaining

    You could certainly (possibly) do some kind of mesh network or relays between quads if like spanning some distance was a problem but generally speaking a central control with multiple individual radio links from the ground station is how it would be coordinated.
  2. wafflejock

    450 MAH batteries with BabyApe Pro V2

    Mah is a measure of capacity it doesn't tell you anything about the max current output or the voltage under load (when current being drawn to power motors) as long as voltage doesn't change (see go above max for components) you're not likely to fry components but if put a heavier battery on you...
  3. wafflejock

    Skystars H7 HD FC and ELRS EP2 TCXO compatibility

    I'll have to refer you to the QA team
  4. wafflejock

    Skystars H7 HD FC and ELRS EP2 TCXO compatibility

    Should be fine the receiver just needs gnd and 5V and Rx/tx lines hooked up to one of the 8 uarts the flight controller supports. Configuring the elrs receiver (and transmitter) with password binding/pairing is a small pain the first time around but should be all good after that, but the fc and...
  5. wafflejock

    Trying to start a Drone program at my school

    Yup since it says "BNF" that means "bind and fly" so should be able to get a compatible transmitter/controller and bind it to the receiver on the quad and be basically ready to use the quad. It needs batteries and typical to get a hobby lipo charger and fire safe bag with those. You can fly it...
  6. wafflejock

    Building my first drone (hexacopter)

    Start small if this is your first build and learning to fly and configure things smaller is better 3" or 5" quad much better place to start to learn how to tune things and wire it all up etc bigger they are harder they fall and big props and components are relatively costly to replace.
  7. wafflejock

    First motor spin today

    Nice looks like a fun place to fly, pretty sure saw GPS module on your quad but might be worth scooping up a vifly v2 tracker or something similar in case ever crash out in the hills, the vifly can be bound to a switch input so can trigger it to start beeping and flashing it's brains out or will...
  8. wafflejock

    First motor spin today

    Nice thanks for sharing, think binding is the devil :D I've mostly moved to using ELRS based TX and RX so can use password based binding and not have to figure out how to get the RX and TX into binding mode. Nice looking build, while in that motors tab make sure to check each individual motor...
  9. wafflejock

    Problem with ?? unknown

    Yup can always try "rotate" things or swap two motors or two ESCs to see if problem moves with a given component but given you already swapped the other parts would be assuming it's the FC at this point as well.
  10. wafflejock

    Questions With RF Modules

    Yah some terms being muddled in the original post that make this all a bit hard to answer... Like @LoneRCRanger said the Rx/Tx acronyms used generically to mean receiver and transmitter, where basically a receiver is reading data and a transmitter is transmitting (or one device is outputting a...
  11. wafflejock

    Does anyone use a TILE to find an errant drone?

    Yup for hobby ones I build I'll put a vifly beeper/finder on it that'll go off if I flick a switch or the power gets cut (has its own little battery that recharges off the quads main battery). Can also add a GPS module or if don't need the specific location then a tile or other kind of...
  12. wafflejock

    Battery replacement for Beast SG906

    Another way to look at it is basically you just increased the inertia of the thing by adding mass to it so it wants to stay put if it's already not moving and once in motion it "wants" to keep going assuming no other forces acting on it, but again without change to voltage/rpm or the thrust...
  13. wafflejock

    Battery replacement for Beast SG906

    Quads have a bit of "the rocket equation" problem to them. The more mAh in a battery the heavier it is so the more thrust you need to lift said battery so some of the power you just added is being used to lift the source of the power into the air and at some point you are adding more weight but...
  14. wafflejock

    Flight Controller / (cheap) drone for autonomous cargo pickup and drop-off drone - university project

    Yah ardupilot or iNav basically the way to go here, lots of flight controllers with STM32F4 or better (STM32F7) chip can be flashed to run either betaflight for just basic auto levelling and return to home functions or externally taking control inputs and just handling the auto-levelling or...
  15. wafflejock

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    This last one really excellent, thought someone new to the forum had "necroed" this post or brought it back out of nowhere nice to see is OP getting back into flying am on and off now myself too since get busy with work at times, anyhow thanks for sharing the pics!
  16. wafflejock

    Need Suggestion for VTx

    There are a lot of competing digital video systems but they are all relatively new to the market. Personally am using dji goggles and digital air unit system for the vtx and recording flights, caddx also makes basically dji compatible video systems so might be worth looking at. Alternative to...
  17. wafflejock


    Regarding compatible motors and props and all there are sites like that can help get idea of power to weight and what components will be pushed to near their limits to make a thing fly completely from scratch but would suggest put together a 3" or 5" build smaller is bit more durable...
  18. wafflejock


    You can download betaflight configurator but not sure there is much you can do with it until have hooked it up to a board/FC with betaflight flashed onto it since the utility basically made to read from and write to the FC but in there you configure what port/pins the receiver is wired to and...
  19. wafflejock


    Hah yup basically f4 or f7 based boards are ones to look at, the main thing is to be sure whatever receiver you have has a output signal with a protocol that the given FC supports that said I think most f4 and f7 based ones can support basically any receiver (srxlv2 or some other niche things...
  20. wafflejock

    rc logger

    Oof bummer, yah figuring out what people size/pitch is right for a given thing seems to be bit of dark art or messy science :) always my go to for seeing in theory how a build or change should affect things but increasing the angle of incidence/attack on the prop could help ( could...