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  1. Cecil

    Eflite Carbon Z Cub charging port issue.

    Hey there, so I'm gonna keep it short. So, I'm having charging issues with my Eflite Carbon Z Cub since yesterday. I'm pretty sure the charging port is shot. I don't know how it happened. Has anyone faced this issue before? If so then how can I solve this without going to a professional? Please...
  2. Cecil

    Phantom 3 camera issues

    Hey, thanks for the help. Means a lot.
  3. Cecil

    Colpitts Oscillator

    That's a very in-depth analysis. This surprisingly will help me as well.
  4. Cecil

    Phantom 3 camera issues

    I've heard that Phantom 3 cameras often become faulty. Is it true? Should I be worried about this? If so then what could be the reason?
  5. Cecil

    Mini 2 vs. Hubsan Mini Pro

    For me, the Mini is the better choice in terms of camera quality. The video quality is crisper in the mini 2 compared to the Husban Zino.
  6. Cecil

    Vantop Snaptain SP680 Initial Review

    In my opinion, this is one of the best value-for-money drones out there. It's a really good one for beginners who don't want to break their bank. A good alternative to DJI.
  7. Cecil

    RCLogger Xtreme Throttle Problem

    Sounds good.
  8. Cecil

    fly safely

    We should try to take precaution for safe flying.
  9. Cecil

    antenna and ANTENNA for drones YAGI Antenna & SHADOW Auto Antenna Tracker

    Thanks to share the information.
  10. Cecil

    Yet another "will my build even fly" thread.

    Any update?
  11. Cecil

    Drone won’t respond to throttle / no idle

    Any update Mike?
  12. Cecil

    Quad won't take off

    Sounds good. Enjoy your flight.
  13. Cecil

    Inherited a DIY quadcopter and I have no idea how to make it work!!

    Update us, if you worked it out successfully.
  14. Cecil


    Welcome to this Forum
  15. Cecil

    How To Verify DJI Account?

    Hi, Can you tell me the whole procedure to verify DJI Account successfully?
  16. Cecil

    Well did you fly today post videos here

    Very Nice