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  1. Gyro Doctor

    Flamethrower Drone ... Fire in the Sky

    That's one fine looking catfish right there Renov8r :) Reminds me of a time I caught one about that size with a couple of friends using a small johnboat. After deciding on a swim, we put our legs through the arm holes of our vests and were bobbing around in the water drinking some beers...
  2. Gyro Doctor

    Flamethrower Drone ... Fire in the Sky

    This is a literal example of the expression "fight fire with fire" ... lol ... the most obvious use being in Forestry, where they set smaller fires to control larger ones ... it's called backburning.
  3. Gyro Doctor

    Need some advice on antennas and their placement

    Antenna frequencies must match and ideally be of the same type too. 2.4 GHz is typically used for control while 5.8 is for video. A "mushroom" antenna (the white dome shaped one you show) can be RHP or LHP (right or left hand polarization) and these must also be the same. If you mount the 3dB...
  4. Gyro Doctor

    HELP static when motors spin....

    [text removed by moderator] Both an inductor (coil of wire) and a capacitor (two plates separated by insulation) store energy and resist abrupt changes in a circuit by "smoothing things out". An inductor does so by magnetic field strength, while a capacitor does so by electrical differential...
  5. Gyro Doctor

    suggestions for first radio ?

    PRO V3....................................F405 no PDB....................................PDB 4-Cell Max..............................Rated for 6-Cells lousy copper (lifts easy).......HD copper no hardware...........................Comes with soft mounts & adapter plate (36x36) Good...
  6. Gyro Doctor

    Meteor 5" build

    Just resolder the connections for that light and see if that helps. ;) Even if it doesn't keep the board for parts, and if it does then get another one anyway so you've got replacements. :)
  7. Gyro Doctor

    Another cool cop with questions.

    :) ... I like it ! Cage The Elephant was a nice touch too ... lol ... :p
  8. Gyro Doctor

    Just amazing

    So why not throw a digital temp display, showing a thermocouple (built as a PCB probe) on that, then maybe feedback to a simple controller (or better yet an MCU) and automate the whole thing :p
  9. Gyro Doctor

    Just amazing

    :rolleyes: ... That works ... lol ... What's that a transmitter for ? The daughter board reminds me of those multi protocol circuits you use to control "toy" quads with using a "real" radio o_O
  10. Gyro Doctor

    Just amazing

    When your really into SMD you don't even use a solder iron any longer ;) I used to have an air pencil that was "Da Bomb" !! :cool: I gave a newb employee a BGA chip and soldering iron then told him to replace the one on a PCB ... The look on his face as he puzzled about it was priceless :p
  11. Gyro Doctor

    Scaring the deer lol

    Beautiful spot to fly :) Wasn't that Budgie playing? Haven't heard them in years :D Bondolier is one of my favorite albums of theirs ;)
  12. Gyro Doctor

    Flips and rolls lol

    I'm sure you will ;) They're not that hard with some practice (at height, without targets), but THEN you hafta do it through gates :eek: Having preset spots for entry and/or exit of the maneuver adds not only snap roll control, but also inverted decent and ascent precision too. :cool:
  13. Gyro Doctor

    Dancing quads

    Never tried flying in formation, but I used to love dogfighting with RC planes ... we'd drag streamers and you tried to chew their's off with your prop :p
  14. Gyro Doctor

    Flips and rolls lol

    ... After you get those down pat try immelmans and split-S maneuvers, they're fun :D
  15. Gyro Doctor


    :rolleyes: ... Rocky Horror Picture Show That was one really weird movie ... lol ... It has a quite a cult following though, there's fan clubs where people get dressed up like the characters and go to parties, I actually talked to a guy who did that.
  16. Gyro Doctor

    Painless360 vs. UAV Futures

    ... I wonder what Joshua "Today you're going to learn something" Bardwell is pulling in; since he's now gone fulltime I'm guessing it's not too shabby ;) ... I've always liked his videos, he gets more technical than most and I'm into that :D
  17. Gyro Doctor

    Painless360 vs. UAV Futures

    G'daaaaay and todaaaaay we're going to review some more box goggles in three, two, one (claps hands) ... so Grumpy Trevor whatcha think about these bad boys, these bad boys have better optics than the last bad boys we reviewed, but boy those were some bad boys, heh ? (grumpy Trevor)...
  18. Gyro Doctor

    Finally chosen my components, are these all compatible?

    :rolleyes: ... Wow, talk about "jumping in with both feet" ! There's going to be A LOT of information to absorb (and SHOULD BE) before you're going to be comfortable with this complex of a system. My advise would be to watch plenty of YouTube videos about all the different aspects of this build.
  19. Gyro Doctor

    LDARC 200 GT looks awesome!

    :rolleyes: ... Interesting looking frame, the first thing I'd do though would be to take some sandpaper to it before even starting to build it. One thing I've never liked about 3D printed stuff is the "unfinished" look of it. Not just the flat surfaces either, the curved edges have pronounced...
  20. Gyro Doctor

    LDARC 200 GT looks awesome!

    :eek: ... I'd say heck yes ! Been looking at the little bugger more closely, not bad at all imho.