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  1. Marcwolf

    Hi from an Aussie Wolf

    Hi Folks. I go by the nickname Marcwolf, and it's one I use on a lot of forums. I have a keen interest in special effects, animatronic, electronics, and experimenting. I brought a cheap ATTOP XT-1 unit to play around with since it's cheap, if it gets eaten by a tree I am not too worried, and...
  2. Marcwolf

    ATTOP XT-1 Hacks and Mods

    Hi all. I have brought one of the cheap ($60) ATTOP XT-1 drones. As an experimenter I would like to do various mods on it. I have extensive knowledge of Arduino, electronic etc. What mods have others done to this and cheap clones. If I have to strip the controller board out and out something...