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  1. choppergirl

    About Drone goggles.

    "But Choppergirl, I really, really, really want to buy something... RC... expensive!" We're getting to that. Your first purchase should not be a quadcopter or goggles. Your first purchase should be a radio, to use as a USB controller to fly the simulators with. You'll connect it to your...
  2. choppergirl

    About Drone goggles.

    Good god... no... just no. :) A. Phones are absolutely useless to use to fly FPV to. A phone as fpv wifi connection to a cheap drone running as a wifi hotspot... is nothing more than a gimmick to sell toy drones. Do not even consider this route. Skip it entirely. B. To fly, you think...
  3. choppergirl

    Well did you fly today post videos here

    USPS tracking says my HDzero VRX4 from RDQ was delivered today and is in the mailbox, but nothing is there or anywhere else ont he porch or up and down the street to be found. Joy of Joys...
  4. choppergirl

    Is it possible to build an fpv drone within 150 dollars?

    I've got a Tyro 119 here someone bought for $119 and then shipped to me. Never got finished. Flown for zero hours. Is that free, or $119, or free * zero hours = zero fun, or $119 * zero hours = zero fun? I mean, if I weren't blind, I could finish it in an afternoon, but if I did fly it...
  5. choppergirl

    FPV Beginner's Guide:10 Tips to Make Your Drone More Durable (Part 1)

    LOL, I'll take that as a compliment. Any who, you can't get a sim quad stuck in a tree. If I could, I'd be fishing virtual quads out of virtual trees all day long.
  6. choppergirl

    FPV Beginner's Guide:10 Tips to Make Your Drone More Durable (Part 1)

    A lot more dummies than you think. If you really want the most durable drone, fly the sim. Crash all you want, flip the switch, you're back in the air. Don't spend a dime or a minute more on RC equipment. Learning to fly with a toy in the sky is actually very foolish and excrutiatingly slow and...
  7. choppergirl

    Well did you fly today post videos here

    Happy Halloween everybody !
  8. choppergirl

    Well did you fly today post videos here

    I fly one for all the FPV Pilots, Quad Builders, Youtube channels, and Map Level Lords who Work from Home
  9. choppergirl

    Practical info on transmit and receive signals - controller to drone and drone to controller

    This might be a good starting point:
  10. choppergirl

    Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack - English - For all Open-TX transmitters

    I've updated the download links for my Soundpack to be high speed Github links.. enjoy! Right click and "Save as..." Edgy SoundPack English for It's a huge collection of sound files to make your transmitter talk in a...
  11. choppergirl

    This forum "Not Secure" ?

    Firefox will give you the same kidn of warning if try to download a file via an http link and not https. I found this out recently and swore buckets at Firefox when I realized the download link to my soundpack hosted on my personal webserver was probably barfing at downloaders for the past year...
  12. choppergirl

    Recommendation for drone

    My impression is there are mostly hobby beginners here, you might have much better luck with your question on or .. but more specifically, forum threads that deal with large commercial / agricultural / hollywood camera drones or pilots that fly auto-pilot flight...
  13. choppergirl

    Beached Whale in Iceland. ( Þorlákshöfn ) 27 10 2021 Drone footage DJI Mini2

    If you would of landed on it, it would of been a first. Though, this is probably still a first.
  14. choppergirl

    Quadcopter rotors stop on takeoff

    If your quadcopter has gears, it's probably using brushed motors, and they may be burned out. Do they look like little metal cylinder firecrackers? If so, then they are brushed motors. If you crash and something hinders the propeller blades from spinning (tree branch, grass, etc) while...