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    Flying a new school, chill cruising

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    Express LRS first try

  3. wafflejock

    Hitting some gates... literally

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    Add BN-880 module

    Have had moderate success with these BN-880 modules for GPS/compass added to some betaflight quads. All they can do with it is point home, tell distance, get speed, and if failsafe will attempt to return towards take off point after ascending, but I still need to test out all the failsafe setup.
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    I been making some planes

    One day I will learn to fly these but been making planes. Salvaged escs and motors from quads that gave up the ghost so in that way it is on topic
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    Couple vids from today

    PTO is the best :D
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    Halloween Flying

    New setup details in the description. Finally got around to building a quad around my DJI air unit and using the goggles, the view is pretty incredible. Think the quad could use some tuning but it flies pretty well especially considering how windy it was today. Super nice day though Happy...
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    @WaltDiesel hey ran out of room in the private messages length so pasting a response here also can get some other folks two cents if anyone has tried this. For context Walt is planning to make a 5 motor copter and my feedback below on why this might be problematic. If anyone has tried this or...
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    Flying historic water tower

    Western Springs original water tower from what I hear and is now a small museum for the town, just off the metra train. My quad still has some bobbles in it when punching it out but is dampened compared to what it used to be. Probably in about a month I'll make another setup and build around...
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    Just a cruise from few weeks back

    Needed to clear out some memory so here it is :D I have some flights around some cool buildings in the suburbs out here too but unfortunately had some crappy prop on there at the time so vid was pretty shaky (worse than usual).
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    DJI digital fpv deal.

    So just had to come admit I caved in to buying the DJI digital system, got the deal with two air units and goggles. I'd been looking at it for 24hrs so the time I'm spending thinking about it was starting to cost more than just buying it :D anyhow should be here in a few weeks will give my 2 cents.
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    Tiny Hawk 2 White Knuckles

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    Tiny Hawk 2 Ripping :D

    Overall initial impressions are I love it. The telemetry has given me some low signal warnings so I am curious what actual point is that it drops out but luckily so far hasn't happened, might be overly sensitive settings for RSSI or I've just been lucky so far. Only gotcha I ran into with...
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    Frame replacement

    Broke one iflight frame after a few years of good service it gave up the ghost to a concrete pillar. I still flew it sawed off like this a couple of times but new frame just came in today so did the swap and glad to say it's still alive and well.
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    Some more flying vids

    Had to clear out some memory so posted vids of flying from last couple of weekends
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    Flying a new place

    Yay!! finally somewhere new, couple of bridges out in the suburbs here by a canal. Frightening anytime I'm over the water but a fun place to fly and they are doing some new construction but area is still open to the public as of now at least.
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    Park cruising after construction

    Got out last week finally got around to uploading has been a while: