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  1. sailorsam


    hope you have some fun with it I mostly do photography what kind unit u got?
  2. sailorsam

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    enjoying the unseasonable warm! launched in nearby parking lot. here's three pics. altitude has its advantages. nice no-wind night, don't get many of those around here
  3. sailorsam

    Holystone HS700E

    will try thanks unit very reluctant to touch ground
  4. sailorsam

    Holystone HS700E

    got a new adapcter and batteries charge much quicker not sure how to stop the unit! I've been hovering close, grabbing, and pulling the battery! gotta be a better way.
  5. sailorsam

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    finally a cool day. flew around my local civic center / tractor pull arena. nice open space, no peoples. here's a couple pics
  6. sailorsam

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    Dug, glad you can repair yours. lots of us are helpless with anything mechanixal
  7. sailorsam

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    got the camera working!!!! really loving this unit!
  8. sailorsam

    Holystone HS700E

    I got the camera to work!!! happy happy don't know if it needed a bigger chip or I wasn't pressing the button right. has red and green running lights; they don't show up real well in the light. (minor issue) the six hour battery charge bites. might have to find a way to do this at work...
  9. sailorsam

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    bought me a new Holystone brief review here took down to boat ramp. very still morning. unit flew great. (I didn't go over the water! maybe later as I get used to) attacked by several small birds (starlings?) very kewl. can't...
  10. sailorsam

    Where to Fly (and Not)

    I'd be worried about wind near the water.
  11. sailorsam

    Holystone HS700E

    Had a lot of fun playing with Symas and UDIs but got tired of losing them in the wind. I realized the $ I'd put in these would have bought a 'real' unit. saw a Holystone HS700E on Amzon for about $300. got one. wow. what an upgrade. POSITIVES: flies like a dream. automatically hovers...
  12. sailorsam

    Comparison of the under $200 drones

    I see the DBI Predator U842 listed. is that available in another color besides black? website store lists a UDI U842 in white. same thing?
  13. sailorsam

    Blade 180 QX HD

    back in 2016 I bought this unit; finally unpacked and flew this fall. (apparently no longer available new) long storage didn't appear to hurt...
  14. sailorsam

    Symas won't fly

    Tried to fly my old Syma; spun props but no takeoff. same with a Stryker (basically a Syma different color) got a new Syma X5C-1; same thing. vendor sent me a replacement; same. props spin (correct orientation) but no takeoff. all I can think of is my puter isn't charging the batteries...
  15. sailorsam

    Flight Log: Tell Us Bout Your Flights

    tried flying tonight. both Stryker batteries failed before takeoff. the UDI beeped low-battery warning immediately; I did get two or three minutes flight. first flight I forgot the camera chip. I charged all four batteries a few hours before going out. haven't used them in months so they're...
  16. sailorsam

    Where to Fly (and Not)

    so where do we fly our gadgets anyway? have you flown over your local park so much you have every dead branch memorized? here's some stuff I've picked up on. 1) public parks. + open to the public, as name implies; usually open area. - might be closed off hours. might be crowded 2)...
  17. sailorsam

    Sharper Image DX-3

    correction; does NOT have spare battery. what I thought was a battery, was the disk / adapter. I plan on returning this. I need something with a better camera.
  18. sailorsam

    3D printed props

    any luck?
  19. sailorsam

    a little recap of my FPV summer!

    you flew that puppy UNDER a vehicle!? braver than I