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  1. rafareusch

    PID tuning: Gyro noise?

    Hey, I'm trying to learn about PID tuning to make my quad fly better with the gopro attached. Today it have quite a few oscilations, but one thing that caught my attention was the noise when comparing my gyro graph to Joshua's. Mine seems much noisier. The FC is soft-mounted. All plates and...
  2. rafareusch

    Can't get SmartAudio to work

    Hey, I'm having trouble setting the SmartAudio up FC is a Succex E F4 v2.1 VTX is a AKK Infinite DVR I connected SmartAudio port labeled TBS in vtx to T1, configured uart1 at ports tab as TBS SmartAudio. Yes, I connected a lipo, imported vtx tables from akk (for some reason I can't set up the...
  3. rafareusch

    Short Between VBAT and GND, FC Burnt.

    Hey guys, I have a Nazgul5 which I was installing My receiver. After and before the instalation everything was working fine. Then I was troubleshooting A failsafe problem, so I was pluggging the battery and the usb cable on and off the drone, testing failsafe and other stuff. Out of nowhere I...
  4. rafareusch

    FPV Noise white/black interference

    Hey guys. Im new to the hobby and I’m purchasing a Nazgul5 4s of a friend. The only concern I have is the noise on the video feed. The nazgul already has a capacitor on the lipo pads. The vtx is a akk infinite dvr The Camera is powered by the FC (the vtx has 5v too, I’m planning to power the...