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    New Member from Turkey

    Greetings to all, I bought a Mobula6 HD as my first FPV drone and joined the community. I had an DJI Mavic Air2 previously, and I'm practicing for 2 months with this whoop. It's so fun to fly indoors, but I couldn't try it outdoors yet. If there are any members from Turkey, I'll be glad if...
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    Flight time/Lift up issue with 1S Battery under 4V (Mobula6 HD)

    Greetings, I own a Mobula6 HD for about 2+ months. I have a set of (4 pieces) Happymodel 250mAh OEM 1S batteries and 6 pieces of Tattu 450mAh 1S batteries. Problem is: - I begin my flight at full charge and battery voltage drops so quickly under 4Vs (about 30 seconds on 250mAh batteries and...