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  1. Eric

    Freestyle in Alona Bay

  2. Eric

    another great get-away

  3. Eric

    Apex 3 inch maiden voyage!

    Lots of fun!
  4. Eric

    Had some fun this weekend

  5. Eric

    Not a great session today ...

  6. Eric

    trying some wall rides

  7. Eric

    Quick rip before the rain

  8. Eric

    Built a new bird...

    test flight
  9. Eric

    Got some cruising in

  10. Eric

    Snuck in some stick time

  11. Eric

    Some tree trimming

  12. Eric

    A quick pack this past weekend

  13. Eric

    Finally tried DJI v2 goggles with the Caddx system

    Must say I was impressed! Gives you more confidence in flying as you can see the obstacles much better!
  14. Eric

    going to try and be more risky

    didn't work out this time but will keep moving forward...
  15. Eric

    I still like these props

  16. Eric

    Got out for a little fun break

  17. Eric

    Almost made it!

  18. Eric

    My 1st rip of 2021

    felt good to get out there again!
  19. Eric

    My impressions from 2020

  20. Eric

    Just a chill rip outside