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    LiPo battery charge level for storage

    I realized just after posting my question how little information I’d given. Theses batteries are for a Holy Stone 120D quad. Maybe I should’ve started a new post? Don’t want to hi-jack this discussion. I can solder, but would I find 7.4V batteries of the type you spoke of that weigh the same or...
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    LiPo battery charge level for storage

    The batteries that I’m most concerned about are four 7.4V, and of the module type. No wires or plugs as you know. Will there be a way to manage these with a charger/discharger like the one mentioned in a previous post?
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    “Switch” quadcopter motors?

    Short story; a while back the wife acquired a “Switch” quadcopter, little or no cost. Recently I had a renewed interest in. Somehow I managed to stick it onto a low power line to a utility light. As a result it now needs two motors. Many hours of searching over a couple of weeks, and the...