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  1. wafflejock

    What's wrong with me?

    Maybe... basically so long as can get the thrust to weight high enough to have it do the pid loop to correct for errors/wind and whatnot plus give you control then it could work. Problem is basically with higher kv motors they will have lower torque so ability to quickly change speed of the...
  2. wafflejock

    New Emax build

    Have an impossible time not singing along to NIN :cool:. Fun flying too!
  3. wafflejock

    FPV system that tracks for long flights

    On topic of GPS flight I also have only really dabbled with using iNav for some kind of autonomous control but very very limited experience with that (just got it setup and did a few test take off and hovers, and needed a lot of tuning for a scary hexacopter I built :D). Betaflight only uses...
  4. wafflejock

    FPV system that tracks for long flights

    Regarding GPS you can get a BN880 module that has a GPS receiver and compass built into one package and works fairly well from some basic testing I've done with them but can't say I've every even attempted any real long range flights since I live in a pretty densely populated area and haven't...
  5. wafflejock

    FPV system that tracks for long flights

    ELRS (express LRS) I think is the best option right now for the radio control and telemetry data. There's a wide range of actual hardware that runs ELRS firmware for the radio link so can get higher powered or lower frequency/longer wavelength radios and can basically make a trade off in the...
  6. wafflejock

    Obstacle Blocking Drone Signal

    ELRS isn't an "absolute fix" but will typically extend the range to the point that the control signals become a non-issue but vid feed signals will be the limiting factor
  7. wafflejock

    Obstacle Blocking Drone Signal

    The initial things you can adjust are antenna's (using combo of polarized and directional antenna) and the power output. The max output you're allowed to use on a transmitter without getting certification varies depending on where you are in the world. I haven't ever used an "FPV relay" type...
  8. wafflejock

    Drone tilts before it takes off

    Before giving any throttle with the left stick just use the right stick to pitch forward or only use left stick for yaw and see if can determine if it's one side that dips. Usually if the entire thing flips it is a board rotation issue so beta flight is just correcting things backwards and it...
  9. wafflejock

    Drone GPS

    Beta flight is the most popular firmware/software stack on flight controllers, it's possible to hook a bn-880 or similar gps module to get extra telemetry data recorded but not aware of an app to read that directly and plot it (though there may be something for blackbox logs to maps)...
  10. wafflejock

    Greetings to all friends in this forum, I'm from Chicago

    Hey fellow Chicagoan (I'm out in oak park officially but close enough) if haven't seen it already there's some gates setup out at Schiller Air Field just west of the city. I luckily live right in the strip between Midway and O'Hare so is legitimate to fly here but haven't yet rigged up my quads...
  11. wafflejock

    APD ESCs beeping 6 times

    Not sure about APD ESCs, but ESCs in general can be calibrated. Generally the procedure is: 1. Take props off, unplug battery 2. Turn on transmitter and set throttle to 100% 3. plug in quad leaving throttle at 100% (props off) 4. should hear some startup beeps from ESCs but think just two...
  12. wafflejock

    Well did you fly today post videos here

    Been a while but shaking off some rust and checking out the fixed up gear at a park (somehow completely empty on really nice if a little windy day)
  13. wafflejock

    Quadcopter Parts Failing

    ^^ Just wanted to show what output of that site is, I'm not affiliated in any way but when putting together a hexacopter here from random parts it was super helpful (I paid for 1 yr license at the time but has since expired). Plug in the weight of the craft and choose w/o Drive if not...
  14. wafflejock

    Quadcopter Parts Failing

    Yah check the site (plug in round about battery motor and frame/prop size check weight and hit calc to see if power to lift and general electric power requirements met) or page holtneil linked, basically need to make sure the motors and escs can handle the wattage/current for big...
  15. wafflejock

    Quadcopter Parts Failing is helpful when picking custom parts too typically I suggest beginners start with 2 or 3 inch props and move to 5 if want more flight time but bigger they are the harder they fall and the more likely to toast things or cause real damage
  16. wafflejock

    Eachine Novice 4 crash repair

    Check the modes tab for the arming mode and make sure when you move the switch the mode gets activated (make a range for chosen switch to activate given mode). Second thing if you have goggles turn the osd warnings on can often tell you what is wrong on screen or help diagnose the issue. Third...
  17. wafflejock

    Quadcopter Parts Failing

    Okay one more thing when I first started flying smoking a motor or esc was more likely too just because I wasn't fast about disarming before or immediately after a crash, more experience and muscle memory get better at disarming to avoid having motors try to run when they are locked on a branch...
  18. wafflejock

    Quadcopter Parts Failing

    One other thing worth noting if using 6S many components that advertise 6S compatible are right at their limits voltage wise so is best if get things that claim 6S support and also support 4S and run them at the lower voltage (kv of motors tied to voltage but can get escs with lots of overhead...
  19. wafflejock

    Quadcopter Parts Failing

    When comes to releasing the magic smoke it depends on the component what the likely root cause is. A smoked motor can happen because of shorts from screws scraping the enamel coating off the coils in the motor or from too much current and not enough air flow leading to enough heat build up to...
  20. wafflejock

    Is PDB built into ESC/FC/Stack?

    Only thing to watch out for there is the polarity on the capacitor (usually a white or solid colored band along the minus side). Regarding other stuff to buy I'd suggest a vifly v2 (or 3 if they have newer one) is basically little beacon that screams if quad power disconnected for too long or...