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  1. Lucy

    FPV Freestyle

    How about this 6s brushless motor?
  2. Lucy

    FPV Freestyle

    I looked up information on the internet and learned that freestyle flying is all about creativity, tricks, and maneuvers. For freestyle flying, prioritize durability and responsiveness. Choose fpv freestyle motor with high torque, and how about 2306 freestyle motor?
  3. Lucy

    FPV motor

    What do you think of meps 2207? There are several colors available for the motors, and as I like bright colors, I would personally choose the fluorescent green one. An extremely attractive 2207 racing motor! The FPV motor appear to be well-made. Additionally, a 3mm bell screw holds the motor...
  4. Lucy

    Help to Choose Motor

    Now I've decided to try the meps 2207. Looking forward to the arrival of my fpv racing motor, can't wait to build my drone and test the responsiveness of this motor then!
  5. Lucy

    Help to Choose Motor

    This is the first 5" fpv drone I've assembled, and I am a little hesitant to choose a 2207 racing motor, not sure what to go with. The first one: TMOTOR V2207 V2 Second: IFLIGHT XING2 2207 Third: meps 2207 Which one is the best fpv racing motor?
  6. Lucy

    fpv goggle for toy drones?

    Yes, there are various types of goggles available for toy drones. Some popular brands include DJI, Fat Shark, and Eachine, among others. It's important to ensure compatibility between the goggles and the specific drone model you own.