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  1. nicesub

    1 year PID? problem

    Not an expert here but a few things that I noticed: Why motor 3 is lagging behind all other motors at the start of the flight? If you look at the log all other motors are spinning and motor 3 is not. Doubt is your filters and tuning it looks like you are to the stock levels and those work fine...
  2. nicesub

    Changed rates, loss of control in a roll

    Hi, As I finished tuning the PID of my quad I went ahead and changed the rates on it to Actual and did changed the values of it to what I perhaps would like. Now before I changed rates from Betaflight to Actual I had not observed any issues with my quad, no hot motors or anything of that sort...
  3. nicesub

    ESC 4in1 choice

    Hi All, I am all new to this stuff. At the moment I am waiting my first "starter pack" FPV drone. Meanwhile, I am putting on the paper my first custom drone and browsing around for information. Anyway...I am going for 3.5" frame and settled on Flywoo NIN 1404 V2 3750KV for motors. I am looking...
  4. nicesub

    Where to get parts?

    Hi All, I am all new to this and I am at the moment waiting my first FPV starter kit. Meanwhile, I am also looking on the internet how I can build my first drone once I am ready. I did read bunch of guides and spent few hours on Youtube. So now I am wondering where I can buy all of the parts...