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    Looking For A New Drone

    I sold my Phantom 4 about a year ago. I want to get back into it. I will be traveling a little bit. I want good camera results and I definitely want to have maximum obstruction avoidance. I have been looking at the DJI Minute 3 Pro and the DJI Air 2S. Compare and contrast. All insights will...
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    A Made a Short Video

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    A Made a Short Video

    Hope you like it:
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    What Propellers to Buy for my DJI P4?

    I still consider myself a novice. I want to buy new propellers for my P4. The listings on Amazon I find confusing and I really don't want to buy the wrong thing.
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    DJI P4 Crash on a Litchi Mission

    I was flying a Litchi mission today that I have run 8 times before. The most recent (before today) was November 14, 2020. Today I ran it and it crashed into a tree. I do not understand. I do admit that I had it flying just over the tree-tops. I live in Pennsylvania and I can't imagine the...
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    Battery Warning on Phantom 4

    My controller display starts beeping at me with more than 7 minutes of battery left according to the display. What can I do to make it more reasonable, say 3 minutes? Thanks in advance.
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    Parts for a Husband H501S

    I had an unfortunate accident last fall with my H501s. Crashed it high in a pine tree. Was never able to find it. I now have parts. I was wondering if any of you fine drone enthusiasts had advice for selling the stuff. I bought a new DJI Phantom 4 Pro so I don't need the parts for the...
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    How to Change email

    How do I change the email that I log in with? I suppose I could cancel and resubscribe using a new email? But I am hoping that there is a better way.
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    How To Get Access to the Material That is Applicable to One's Model?

    I got a new Phantom 4. I downloaded the DJI GO 4 app to my mobile device. I hooked the device to the aircraft to download the latest firmware. No problem. Then I tried to fly it. I had been looking at videos on uTube and the DJI site. But looking at my manual, there are things that don't...
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    Display for a Phantom 4

    I assume that the device must be compatible with iOS or Android? The display can't be an Amazon Fire device?
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    Display for a Phantom 4

    I got my Phantom 4 in the mail. Now I need a display mechanism. I can use my iPhone until I get something else. My iPad (4th Gen) is too big. Any recommendations for a small tablet that does the job at a reasonable price? Say under $100?
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    Cyber Monday Deals

    Does anyone know if we can expect deals on Cyber Monday for drones in the $600 to $1000 range? DJI?
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    Lost in Translation

    I bought a DJI Phantom 4. I purchased it on 11/13 and being used to Amazon expected to see a "Shipped Date" a day or so later. I did not get such a notice so I sent them an email. In their response, in part the email says that they were going to ship it "...on or before (the day I bought...
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    Need Help with Terms

    Hi, Looking at the DJI Phantom 4 Pro as my next drone. I saw some terms that I am not familiar with and hoping one or more of you smart people can help me. What do these terms mean? Diagonal Distance Intelligent Flight Modes Tripod Mode Hyperlapse Active Track Point of Interest...
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    Panic and a Senior Moment- Next Drone?

    Anyone know about the DJI Mavic Pro Drone with 4K HD Camera (DJI Refurbished)? Looks to be comparably priced as the Phantom 4. Is there a web site where I can compare them? Amazon and eBay do not provide that capability.
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    Panic and a Senior Moment- Next Drone?

    So, the unit does NOT need smart batteries, right? What kind of dumb batteries does it use? Thanks again
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    Panic and a Senior Moment- Next Drone?

    This does look like a great drone. I saw it on Best Buy. Question though, why is this battery so expensive.
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    Retrieving An Aircraft From A Tree

    Here's another method that worked for me in a similar situation. I use a spinning fishing rod and reel. And cast the sinker in a big arc over the branch of interest. Of course it takes more than one cast but once I have the monofilament over the branch I can attach a heavy cord. Glad to hear...
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    Is My Wife a Good Sport or What

    I got pretty good at flying my Husban x4 in my basement last winter. I could fly it through hoops, land on tables, and go around a lot of obstacles. I decided I could take it upstairs and impress my wife with my flying ability (I'm in my mid-60's). So, she is sitting at her desk in our...
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    Panic and a Senior Moment- Next Drone?

    What are the keywords (technical specifications) should I be looking for? Gimbaled camera? Number of pixels....?? Thanks in advance.