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    Hexacopter with DJI A3 PRO

    3 weeks ago,We test our Hexacopter drone with client specified DJI flight control,because the client like the DJI's stable and have experience on flying the DJI. With the DJI A3 pro flight controller,you can find the old memories of flying your first DJI drones,its so familiar. We welcome...
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    What to get an 8-year-old?

    A mini size drone with propeller protection.
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    new guy here

    Welcome to the forum,its a friendly forum,you can share what you fly,what problems you meet.
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    Drone for roof inspections

    theres many thing can be done by drones. drone for Halloween with skulls?
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    New design make assemble drones more easy

    Good News for customers who want to assemble #drone themselves. Not only provide the friend GCS software freely, right now, Yangda also provides hardware: - PDB: The power distributor board is designed for the wiring of Motor/ESC, Payload. Combine all the power units in one. - Autopilot Load...
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    Some interested stuff of drone in Halloween

    First,happy halloween How drones change our life? the tradition halloween more like pumpkin, latest with the drone technology,more interesting now. more details to be found and created.
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    Drone for roof inspections

    By traditional ladders and risky climbing? No, let’s use latest tech of drones. Automatically collect high resolution roof imagery and generate comprehensive roof reports 3x faster than traditional methods. Drones with Lidar and EO/IR camera automatically captures high resolution roof imagery...
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    Colpitts Oscillator

    even i dont know what you talking about,but i still think you are awesome that have such ideas
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    Can we prevent nord stream 2 leak accident?

    Drone in Oil & Gas Industry Applications: Above ground piping and facility inspections Methane detection and spill monitoring ROW monitoring for infrastructure health and vegetation encroachment Construction progress monitoring Site and route selection, including erosion and elevation...
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    Regular Test every week,can suggest what we test,what photo we take

    Happy FlyDay Friday ! There's many different drones in UAV industry, you can hardly say which one is the best,can only say which one is the most suitable one.A drone developed for LiDAR mapping, long-range cargo delivery & transport and security & surveillance. From patrol on the sea to plateau...
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    fly safely

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    antenna and ANTENNA for drones YAGI Antenna & SHADOW Auto Antenna Tracker

    The antenna extend the transmission range of your digital video & data link by pointing the ground high-gain antenna to the flying drones automatically youtube link thanks for watch and reading,
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    fly safely

    Our customer in Texas recently posted this pic taken by one of their lineworkers. Remember to never fly drones around utility equipment. It's dangerous and can lead to power outages. I just hope there is not too much backlash on those of us taking serious precautions to fly safely
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    Searching for long range capable quad

    When i first saw this tittle,i was so excited,since we can provide a long range one,which gasoline hybrid.when i read carefully about your budget,3-400usd,i told myself:forget it,our cheapest drone more than 5k. thanks anyway for post
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    Quadcopters help find gold in the air

    more than 10000 characters.the article cannot be i make it into PDF ,you can download and read. inshort,show how they use drone to find gold. so iguess the guys wh live in gold mine area can do that job too.
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    welcome back to the drone's world.DJI like iphone,each time upgrade attract customer buy a new one.
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    Inherited a DIY quadcopter and I have no idea how to make it work!!

    amzing drone,if you can make it work again,update us
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    Newcomer with a project

    maybe you need Pitot tube.