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    Zephyr is a unique, one of a kind system that provides commercial operators with the skills they need to be successful sUAS pilots. Aviation schools can effectively use our proprietary learning management system (LMS) to track students’ progress through the institutions curriculum. It also allows instructors to immediately pinpoint the flight mechanisms that require improvement so they can spend more time teaching, rather than making unnecessary assessments.

    While most sUAS simulators that are currently on the market focus on hobbyists the primary focus of Zephyr is on students and commercial operators and that are flying UAVs for a particular occupation. These operations require precise and accurate flight, Zephyr tracks and reports several different flight metrics and notifies students and instructors on how well they have performed during each session. It also lets them know if they are in violation of any airspace regulations, and will provide a summary upon completion of each module.

    One of the most differentiating features of Zephyr is the ability to test how sUAS pilots react under pressure. Zephyr allows instructors to simulate aircraft component and prop failure, requiring the pilot to think and react quickly in order to land safely. Zephyr also gives users the ability to alter environment variables and can simulate random wind gusts to prepare pilots for the different types of weather conditions they may be required to fly in.

    Zephyr currently offers four different aircraft models including the DJI Phantom 3, DJI Inspire 1, 3D Robotics SOLO, and the Syma X5C. Additionally, our current release includes several different flight scenarios including a basic introduction to flight, a mountain landscape, obstacle course, community park, and a shopping center.

    The Zephyr team at Little Arms Studios is committed to the continuous improvement of the simulator and we plan to release updates with added features and functionality on a quarterly basis. Future releases and updates will include additional multi-rotor aircraft, industry specific scenarios and training modules (vertical inspection, precision agriculture, emergency response surveillance, etc.), mission planning for autonomous systems, and fixed wing aircraft.

    Please visit Zephyr Drone Simulator for additional information. Training institutions may request a risk-free trial at no cost by contacting Cory Acey at cacey@littlearms.com.

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