Xiomi Mi drone - Phtantom killer?

Discussion in 'New Products' started by eatpasta, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. eatpasta

    eatpasta Member

    crap - spelling it wrong; Xiaomi

    has anyone seen this thing? It looks legit and for ~$500 ready to go.... that's really tough to beat

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  2. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    Looks good, but not a phantom killer. The camera on some of the phantoms are better than the one he is using to film the video.
  3. eatpasta

    eatpasta Member

    The phantom is pretty awesome. This company has a lot to do to prove their reliability
  4. Metehanemlik

    Metehanemlik New Member

    It certainly looks like better than phantom :)

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