VIFLY R130 - 130mm racing drone compatible with 4S battery

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    VIFLY released a 130mm racing drone which keeps the same style as its big brother VIFLY R220 M2, very neat design and clean overlook. Though it is 130mm size, it can fly with 4S 850mAh battery, really powerful and responsive.


    Tech Spec:

    Size (L x W x H): 125x115x30mm

    Wheelbase: 130mm

    Weight: 165g (Battery excluded)

    Flight Controller: Omnibus F4, CPU 168MHz

    Firmware: BetaFlight

    OSD: BetaFlight OSD

    Brushless Motor: 1306-4000KV

    ESC: BLHeli-S 15/20A

    Gyro: SPI, 8KHz loop speed

    Propeller: DAL T3045BN

    Battery: 11.1V 850mAh 35C 3S Li-PO / 14.8V 550mAh 35C 4S Li-PO (optional)

    Flight Time: 6-8 mins(3S) / 6-8 mins(4S)

    Camera Resolution: 700TVL

    Field of view: 120°

    Output Power: P01 - 25mW / P02 - 200mW / P03 - 500mW

    Channel: Group A/B/C/D/E 40 channels

    Product details:

    Price: $169USD (BNF version)
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    The video footage of VIFLY R130, really fast and powerful. Check it out.

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    The spec is listed in the post. Our drone is designed specially for 4S battery. No need to worry about it. We have done many times testing.
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  6. johnq816

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    Honest review for VIFLY R130 from RCModelReviews. Check it out.

  7. johnq816

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    "It is very well made for those who want a solid, fun quad that thy can fly, that will not fall apart after a crash and not be above that pesky 250g limit. " Another great review for VIFLY R130.

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    Many professional reviewers say "VIFLY R130 is the best 130mm racing quad."

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    VIFLY R130 New Upgrade

    **Upgrade the motor to Sunnysky 1406-4000KV motors, more powerful.

    **Upgrade the stock propellers to Gemfan 3052, more efficient.
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    Micro Beast!
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    Either Gearbest or Banggood (I disremember which) has this quad on sale ARF verson for $139, I believe.
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